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In our opinion: Loyalty point system change fairer for everyone

After passionately voicing our criticisms of the new football ticketing system all year, we are relieved to hear that USC has switched back to the trusty old system that, although flawed, seemed to work better than the new one did. While a chosen few of us will lament the loss of season passes which guaranteed tickets all semester, reverting to weekly ticket requests is still a much fairer way of doling out tickets.

The biggest problem with the semester passes was that they completely scrapped the idea of the loyalty system from before, leaving seniors in particular who missed the first deadline completely out of luck. And then there were the technical issues that lasted all season, with the system continuously glitching, leaving students unable to get in with their CarolinaCards even though they had claimed the ticket.

So with the mess of last season behind us, we welcome our old system back with open arms, but this time, even the old system is new and improved. Our loyalty points, rather than just providing more chances to be picked in the lottery for tickets, will actually count this time. We believe this change was necessary, as it will now reward those who are truly loyal to football and other USC sports instead of subjecting them to the same lucky draw, separating those who are genuinely devoted from those who just go to football games against high-profile opponents. And even for those people, the on-demand tickets are still a viable option.

Either way, we’re just glad Student Ticketing is giving the loyalty point system the overhaul it so desperately needed.


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