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USC represents in Russian games

Frank Martin, McGee Moody coaching World University Games

USC coaches McGee Moody, Curtis Frye and Frank Martin are representing the United States in Team USA World University Games in Russia.

Moody, whose contract to coach swimming and diving was renewed in June, will serve as Team USA’s swimming assistant coach. Along with Moody, senior Michael Flach will be representing Team USA in the coming 12 days. The experience is Moody’s first opportunity to coach on an international level.

“I was excited; it’s an opportunity I think that every coach dreams about to be able represent the U.S. and represent your country and to take a group of young men and young women over to an international competition and be able to lead them hopefully to things they’ve never done and make the country proud, I was real excited about it,” Moody said.

Flach, a two-time All-American, earned his spot on the roster by finishing second in the 200 butterfly at the U.S. Open Championships last August.

“It’s good to see him get the chance to go to Kazan with this group, but it’s not his top goal. He’s got a lot bigger things he wants to accomplish. Our job is to go to Russia and put him on the medal stand. That’s a big goal, but that’s what we’ve got. He knows he is capable of doing that. When he’s on, he can swim with anybody in the world,” Moody said.

Frye, head track and field and cross country coach for Carolina for the last 17 seasons, will serve as Team USA’s Men’s Track Head Coach. In 2008, Frye was awarded the Order of Ikkos Medallion by the United States Olympic Committee. He has past international experience and offers much to Moody and Martin.

“I don’t know if it is advice that can be of any value because the first advice anyone told me was you never understand the magnitude of representing your country until the eagles fly,” Frye said. “You can anticipate, but you have to be in the moment before you can actually know how you have that chill and that feeling to be a part of representing the United States of America. Most of us didn’t get a chance to fight in a war and represent our country in that manner, so my advice is this our opportunity and you realize it.”

Martin, South Carolina head men’s basketball coach, will serve as an assistant coach for Team USA Basketball.

“Last year I was afforded the opportunity to be what they call a court coach, which you’re basically going to the tryout phase of the team and help with running stations and coaching a team,” said Martin.

The USA Basketball Committee was pleased with Martin’s work, and asked if he would come and coach in the University Games this summer to continue Martin’s efforts toward Team USA. This time around, Martin will have an increased role in making decisions and coaching.

“As a coach I don’t think there is a greater honor you can have then to represent your country in a worldwide affair in your sport,” Martin said. “That moment is going to be special to me.”


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