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Freshmen make it through the first day of class

While some of the Class of 2017 spent their first day of class getting used to the perils of life on campus — tripping over bricks, falling up stairs and dodging cars — others spent their time resting up for their first semester in college.

“Someone ran into me this morning, and I fell into the road … I tripped, like three times today … on stairs …. but it was better than I thought it would be. Everybody here is really nice.”
-Ian Giocondo, first-year music education student.

“I was crossing on Assembly and Main and the sign said to walk, and someone was turning right, and their car stopped, like, two inches away from me. They honked their horn at me … It was quite an experience.”
-Charlee Davis, first-year journalism student.

At 4:30 p.m.: “I haven’t been to class yet. I have no early classes even though I made my schedule at makeup orientation two days before the first day of class. I woke up at 11 a.m. and ate cereal … I would do homework, but I don’t have any homework to do.”
-Brandon McCall, first-year criminal justice student.

“I walked around yesterday, just to make sure I knew where [my classes] were. Actually, I had an 8:30 class, so right after that I had Chick-fil-a for breakfast, and I had Chick-n-minis, of course. I had a lot more free time than I thought I would. I just had time to walk around. ”
-Jake Mann, first-year music performance student.

“I guess I, like, looked at my schedule wrong, so one of my classes tomorrow is at the Public Health Research Center, but our University 101 class is in the Coliseum, but I guess I thought it was in the public health building, so we, like, walked all the way there, and she was like, “[Your class] isn’t in here, it’s in the Coliseum.”
-Manuela Moreno, first-year journalism student.