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Students pack Russell House For welcome week event

A crowded Russell House played host Monday night to the 2013 Bustle at the Russell as part of Carolina Welcome Week. The first and second floors of the Russell House were packed nearly elbow to elbow with first-year students wearing USC lanyards around their necks.

Kim McMahon, director of student life and Russell House University Union, said the event was “just as busy, if not busier, than last year.” McMahon said that the purpose of Bustle at the Russell is to allow students to get to know one another and to have an opportunity to learn how to use campus facilities.

“[Bustle at the Russell] showcases how students will use the building throughout the year,” McMahon said.

Resident mentors were utilized as key motivators to bring new students to Bustle at the Russell. Caleb Snead, an undeclared freshman, said that he was there because of his resident mentor’s invitation to come along.

To some students, Bustle at the Russell, and Carolina Welcome Week as a whole, makes them feel more comfortable on campus.

“I keep walking around [campus] and it’s feeling smaller and smaller,” said first year exercise science student Alison Saum.

The event, which had been in the works since the beginning of summer, provided both freshmen and returning students with fun opportunities to get to know one another. A line nearly out the door led to a custom license plate printing table, where students could personalize a USC car tag to display on their cars or in their rooms. Other free items included printed Carolina Welcome Week pillowcases, personalized laundry bags and photo key chains.