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What to do (and not do) on game day

An SEC gameday is nothing to joke about; it’s often the highlight of fall weekends in college towns across the Southeast. However, every football fan knows the right and wrong way to spend Saturdays in the fall, and each person has their routine down pat. Personal traditions and schedules run rampant across the conference, and there are a few general “do’s and don’ts” for football goers to keep the peace among fans and the attention on the game.

DO: Tailgate. Getting together with friends and family to eat and play games before the kickoff is a tradition great for breaking down the matchup and getting to high five everyone who walks by with their Gamecock gear on. It also allows you to get into the game early for the famous “2001” entrance, head football coach Steve Spurrier announcing, “It’s time for Carolina football!” and the extra loyalty point.

DO NOT: Leave early. The Gamecocks play until the last second, and fans need to be cheering them on until the end, win or lose. The Alma Mater is also played by the Mighty Sound of the Southeast after the end of the game, and every fan who came should be there to raise their glass and sing, “Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee!”

DO: Sandstorm. Not only is it awesome to be in the crowd waving your towel and jumping up and down, the excitement for the university is projected across the nation when everyone watching on television sees the wave of white towels and the chants of, “USC! USC!” to the beat.

DO NOT: Ruin the cheers for everyone else. No one wants to be knocked off the bleachers from moshing fans or slapped in the face by waving arms. Also, stand up and participate. Don’t ruin it by asking students around you to sit down just because you want to. You also do not want to be the guy shouting random words when everyone else is in unison for their school.

DO: Dress up. The SEC is famous for its dressy game day attire; the best looking fans in the world need to show off their style as well. Sporting the garnet and black while also looking your best is a sure way to show the Carolina spirit and class to opposing fans and every other passer by.

DO NOT: Show up in random colors trying to be funny. The team wants to see the solidarity of the garnet and black faithful looking proud in their favorite colors. No one wants to see lime green or (gasp!) orange among the Gamecock faithful during a serious showdown on a Saturday.

DO: Cheer as loud and as long as you can during every defensive play of the game. We want the opposing team remember the chants and cheers of “USC! Go Cocks!” in their sleep for weeks to come, along with visions of Clowney.

DO NOT: Distract the Gamecock offense. Every play needs to be effectively communicated to every player and we do not want to be responsible for any offensive miscommunication. Pay attention for Mic Man Chase Mizzell to quiet down the crowd as strategy is hatched out among the offense.

DO: Show class and appreciation for the game and players. The classiness of our dress would be nothing without the Southern charm that we combine with it. Booing other fans and players is not nearly as effective as cheering on and encouraging the Gamecocks.

DO NOT: Miss out on everything unique USC has to offer on a gameday. Checkout the pregame festivities, take your picture with Sir Big Spur, and visit the Cockaboose Railroad. Saturdays in the fall are an exciting time for students, fans, coaches and players alike!


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