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Pastides welcomes new grandaughter

The Pastides family welcomed a new Gamecock into the world Jan. 16 in Santa Monica, Calif., as USC President Harris Pastides’ daughter Katharine had her second daughter, Alice Anastasia Erickson.

“While I feel ‘parental’ about all 31,000 of our students, there is something exceptional and thrilling about seeing and holding your very own tiny granddaughter,” Pastides said in an email.

Pastides was not able to make it to the hospital for his granddaughter’s birth because of an NCAA meeting, but he arrived a few days later, which he said “was worth the wait.”

Pastides posted a photo on Twitter of himself holding Alice, who is wearing a Gamecock outfit. Pastides said it was size “tiny.”

“She appeared to be ready to move to Sandstorm, or she needed a diaper change,” he said. “Either way, I adore her and her ‘big sister.’”