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Crime Blotter for April 12 to April 18

April 12 to April 18

5­ — Theft from building
4 — Vandalism/destruction of property
3 — Drug/narcotics violation
2 — Credit card fraud
2 — Harassment
2 — Simple assault
2 — Trespassing
1 — Alcohol/liquor law violation
1 — Bad check
1 — Bike theft
1 — Fake ID
1 — Moped theft
1 — Motor vehicle theft
— Selling your phone on Craigslist? A word of advice: Don’t pay for your customer to move. A student selling a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $400 got an offer from someone claiming to be a Marine who was moving: You pay a Texas moving company $1,100, and I’ll send you a MoneyGram for $1,510. The student agreed. A few days later, he got word that his account was overdrawn; the MoneyGram was fraudulent. The customer didn’t answer phone calls.

— Two officers who were at South Quad for something else on Friday were approached by the building’s residence life coordinator: Two men were tearing room number signs down the hall. Approached by the cops, one of the two had a sign in his pocket. Asked for ID, one offered a fake Florida drivers license; he told the police he “made a mistake,” the officers wrote later, and meant to give them his South Carolina ID. He also got a ticket for having beer, and the other man had a fake from Illinois. The two were booked in at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

— Sometimes, 4/20 starts early. An officer walking along the 1700 block of College Street near the Darla Moore School of Business saw a Chevy Impala drive by Friday, “smelling heavily of burnt marijuana.” The car parked, and a Columbia police officer smelled the pot, too. A search of the car yielded a burnt blunt. The driver was charged with simple possession and released.

Briefs don’t include every incident from the last week, and suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Information could change as investigations continue.


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