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Fashion finale showcases diversity

Lights, cameras and fashion galore represented the finale for USC Fashion Board’s week of festivities.

The event, hosted by America’s Next Top Model icon Yoanna House, welcomed students, community members and vendors, who each played a role in fostering the event’s success.

“The best part about having an event like this is seeing it all come together,” said Brittany Terry, president of Fashion Board and a third-year fashion merchandising student. “From start to finish, it took seven months to [put together], and we had a full day of nothing but decorating.”

From pastel draperies to beaded lights, 701 Whaley closely resembled the likes of other fashion weeks held throughout the year.

“We all work so hard to make everything come together,” Terry said. “All of the girls on Fashion Board are so hard-working.”

After a few moments of mingling and visiting local retail representatives from around Columbia, it was time for the show to begin. Kicking off the fashion show, student designer Molly McNutt’s line took center runway.

The looks featured tribal patterns of deep blues, corals and browns that were paired with leather and black fabrics to create an edgy all-around look.

Transitioning to the local retailers, Vestique worked to appeal to people who favor flowy fabrics and beachy looks, emphasizing soft patterns on rompers and high-waisted shorts, to name just a few.

Steel Garden was the second look of the night and took an interesting approach to “cargo-style” fashion looks, with Army colors on its jackets and upside-down triangle silhouettes on the majority of its clothes.

And if you’re into bohemian styles, Bohemian showcased different looks that went for an edgier route without sacrificing flowy boho styles. Edgy black-and-white patterns accented gold jewelry while bohemian fashion took an interesting style twist by pushing the right limit of edge while still holding the laid-back vibe of the style that many women love.

Other retail fashion that made appearances in the show included Ivy and Leo, which made flowery patterns and springtime white its staple of the season; Just The Thing, which provided the right looks for just about any occasion in intricate ways; LaRoque, which showcased runway fashion styles that could turn any university hallway or street into a runway of sorts; and Van Jeans, which offered looks from printed jeans and pastel T-shirts to pleated blazer vests and beach-perfect skirts.

“I loved LaRoque and Van Jeans,” Terry said. “Their looks were very high-fashion, and I just love everything about their style.”

Terry said that the Fashion Board made significant progress with the event and that it is looking forward to adding more supporters in the next year.

“I want to make it bigger, spreading the word and keeping members involved,” Terry said. “We do a lot and reach out to the community. Fashion Board is for everyone.”