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In Columba: Music Venues

Columbia’s music scene is surprisingly bustling, and you only have to look at our local venues to find out why. From new arrival Music Farm to old favorite New Brookland Tavern,  Columbia is full of great places to check out bands local and touring alike.

1. Music Farm

The new kid on the block with a lot to prove, the Columbia Music Farm comes with a strong pedigree — the Charleston Music Farm has been supplying the city with good music for years. Music Farm is unique in its size — it’s a medium size venue, so it gets bands too big to play at small dive bars but not quite big enough for the Township Auditorium.

2. New Brookland Tavern 

Historically a core part of Columbia’s scene, New Brookland Tavern  may not look like much. It has a dive-y feel, and its concert area isn’t very large. However, this has given the venue a unique charm — the shows feel intimate and the darkened interior suits Columbia’s punk scene just fine.

3. Foxfield Bar and Grille 

This bar and grill has recently ramped up its concerts, and Columbia’ music scene thanks them. Foxfield may be a small venue, but the backyard can play host to the loudest of noise bands. If you want to see some of the most alternative bands around, Foxfield is the place to go.

4. Conundrum Music Hall 

Conundrum’s concert lineup often falls into the “other” category. For any given day, they could be playing an indie rock band or a Siberian drum line. It’s that sound diversity that makes Conundrum unique — no matter your age or music taste, chances are, Conundrum  has something coming up that feels like it was made just for you.


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