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UPDATED: USC student killed in Copper Beech murder-suicide


Criminal justice student Diamoney Greene was shot to death by Brandon Early, according to Richland County Coroner Gary Watts. 

The incident appears to be a murder-suicide, per the coroner's office. 

Both Greene and Early were found in the 2106 unit of the Copper Beech apartment complex. Both were found with gunshot wounds to the head and died at the scene.

According to Watts, the incident appears to have happened last Saturday or Sunday. The autopsies were completed Wednesday morning. 

The Richland County Sherriff's Department continues to investigate.

Juliana Lee, a leasing agent and Copper Beech resident, said the complex's management is working in full cooperation with the sheriff's department and that their thoughts are with the families.

"It didn't really have anything to do with security here," Lee said. "It was an internal situation, and the investigation is ongoing."


Two bodies were found in the Copper Beech apartment complex Tuesday night.

A man and a woman, both in their mid 20s, were shot in the upper body and had been there for some time, though investigators were unsure how long.

The bodies were found in apartment 2106.

A roommate called the police when he couldn't get into room because one of the bodies was blocking the door. Police have deemed reports of murder-suicide to be rumors.

Both Richland County Sheriff's Dept. and USCPD were on the scene.

Lt. Curtis Wilson of Richland County Sheriff's Dept. said there is not a threat of gunman on the loose per WIS.

According to Wilson, the bodies may have been inside the unit for several days before being found.

"You don't feel safe that two people were found dead," said Nick Stevens, a third-year sport and entertainment management student who lives in Copper Beech.

Copper Beech residents Madison Keen, second-year hospitality management student, and Anna Pishko, second-year hospitality student said that this does not reflect on the management of Copper Beech.

"It could have happened anywhere," Pishko said.

They did say that they will not be living in Copper Beech next year, and that they have considered breaking their lease for next semester.

"I'm tired of Copper ... We should be surprised this is happening, but we're not," Keen said. "This isn't how we should be coming together."

Copper Beech representatives had no comment when initially called, but they later posted a statement on their Facebook page.

"Working in full cooperation with the RCSD as it investigates the death of two individuals discovered in an apartment unit this evening," read the post on the Copper Beech Facebook page. "Because investigation is ongoing, there is nothing more we can add at this time. Our thoughts are w/ the individuals and their families."