The Daily Gamecock


"Some of our faculty will be blinded by the light when they come out from the underground." — Charles Bierbauer, dean of the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies, on the new journalism school building 

"We have changed the image of South Carolina. But we aren't finished. Not yet. Not even close." — Gov. Nikki Haley during her inaugural speech for her second term in office 

"This is just the beginning of my revenge ... This is the eighth time I’ve been nominated. I can’t f-----g believe I won." — Kevin Spacey on his first Golden Globe win

"Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to replacing out-of-date policies that were not working, and puts in place a policy that helps promote political and economic freedom for the Cuban people." — U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew on the revised Cuban embargo 

"All of Europe is crying today. All the free world is crying. All men and women who believe in freedom and reason are crying." — Italian Premier Matteo Renzi after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in France