Things needed in 2015 — News

More parking spaces, both on campus at USC and in the city

With the university's announcement that they will now enforce towing, especially on Greene Street, parking has become even more of an issue. It's been an issue in Columbia for years, but it's only getting worse as the university and Columbia continue to grow. Perhaps 2015 will be the year USC and Columbia finally get more parking options.

More protected left turns to make driving in Columbia easier

Between pedestrians trying to cross streets and drivers trying to get where they're going at the same time, Columbia can use anything that makes roads safer — protected left turns would make driving in Columbia both easier and safer.

More restaurants in Columbia to accept Carolina Cash

In the last year and a half, the number of options students have to use their CarolinaCard off campus has grown. But it shouldn't end there, especially with most dining options on campus closed on weekends. More off-campus dining options are a win-win for students who want something other than cafeteria food and university officials who want students to make use of Carolina Cash.

A forum with USC President Harris Pastides for students to openly discuss issues

The university has held forums on lots of different topics this year, including parking and student ticketing. Last year, there was a forum on safety in Five Points. These forums tend to have a substantial turnout, and the university must find the forums useful if they're constantly hosting them. So, why don't we have a general forum to talk about any other problems we see on campus?

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