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Brian Samples: "We need to go above and beyond"


In his two years at USC, Brian Samples has thrown himself into USC.

He joined the Residence Hall Association his freshman year, where he saw how their decisions made a difference in students' lives.

“We spent money on water refill stations,” he said. “I got to walk and see that I made that difference in this building that will be here for a while.”

From there, Samples became a senator. But he did not see legislation passed that truly helped the students. While student senate allocates money to student organizations, Samples feels that it is not enough.

“We need to go above and beyond,” he said.

Samples is a second-year student who has had a host of leadership roles on campus, something he hopes to channel if elected student body vice president. He wants to oversee student senate and see the body pass legislation that matters to students. He'd like to expand programs and improve parking. His most recent cause is a campaign to open the Greene Street gates from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., a student senate debate that's pinned him against his fellow candidate Lee Goble. 

Samples wants to change the legislation that is passed because of his close connection to the university community. He's from Maryland, but Samples has found USC to be his home away from home.

He quickly became close with his freshman year floormates. Together, they hung out and helped each other with homework. He became a Resident Mentor and representative and realized how important community is.

“You’re there for them," he said, "and they’re also there for me."

Samples wants to continue making a difference in people’s lives, but on an even bigger scale.

“You have to ask the tough questions when you’re down and even when it doesn’t matter," he said. "Because your efforts don’t go unnoticed and it causes change that you can be proud of.”

The university’s catchphrase “no limits” amuses Samples. He said he wants to meet the person who thought of it and shake his hand. 

For him, he prefers to test his limits rather than assume that there are none.

“I don’t know of too many weaknesses that I have now, and that’s a flaw. I need to go out and I need to discover them,” he said. “The best way I want to do that is by putting myself under pressure by testing myself.”

He’s been challenging himself since he got to USC, and he wants to continue to do so, so he can find what he needs to succeed.

“I’m just an average person that really likes to do student senate and help people," he said. "I find joy in that.”