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Which Kanye album fits your personality?


Find out which Kanye West album you embody by reading these well-thought-out descriptions of which album corresponds with your personality type.

"The College Dropout" — You’re a spunky individual. Maybe you enjoy poetry nights, but only if it's slam poetry and about pressing social issues. You like soulful tunes because that music usually laments about the same problems you have, like having a nonexistent love life and woes about why college is so expensive. Bottom line is, you're a fresh spirit and you think the world is your oyster. Fall down seven times? You get up eight. Tracks to boost your ego: “Never Let me Down," “Jesus Walks” and “Spaceship."

"Late Registration" — A pensive individual, you might consider yourself a scholar, truly committed to academia. You read the suggested reading for a class (kudos to you, really). You’re about your family and friends, but really keep up with the news. Holding debates with your friends about controversial issues is kind of fun to you. You don’t shy away from social media either; you truly resonate with the hashtags “#real” and “#realtalk.” Tracks that speak to you on a spiritual level: “Crack Music,” “Heard 'Em Say”  and “Hey Mama.”

"Graduation" — Nothing can bring you down — you’re a ray of sunshine. You’re the type of person who actually appreciates the smell of flowers on your way to class or work. Sometimes your friends might mistake your optimism and self-appreciation as a reflection of your ego and your desire to be the center of attention (even though you know you’re cut from a different fabric). Everything’s going great for you — a good job and maybe a significant other. You’re only going up. Tracks that motivate you: “Flashing Lights,” “Good Life” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing".

"808s & Heartbreak" — You’re going through a phase right now, a bit of a slump in your life. Not sure what path to take next, you decide to try a new aesthetic. Maybe change up your wardrobe a little bit. Your friends and family are supportive but are a little bit confused. It's okay, you’re doing your thing, and even though you just went through a bad breakup, you’re still in the game. Nothing can knock you down because you’re "#real," remember? Tracks that amuse you while you’re on the way to that dreadful 8:05 a.m. class: “Heartless,” “Amazing” and “Street Lights”.

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" — Every New Year's you whisper to yourself "new year, new me.” You’re a butterfly who has just left the chrysalis. Now that you're in the limelight, you’re certain you’re the main attraction. Besides, a little confidence never hurt anybody. You see beauty in the smallest things. You appreciate the world you live in. You reminisce a lot — you think its time to mend things with some of those people you naively pushed out of your life. You’re finally learning what the real world is about, and quite honestly you miss that teenage innocence that blinded you. Tracks that you could get behind: “Runaway,” “Lost In the World” and “Power”.

"Yeezus" — Maybe you need to tone it down a bit — all your friends think that you’re too intense. Those friendly debates have turned into full-blown arguments. They’re wrong though. Things need to be talked about; after all, that’s how history is made, isn’t it? Maybe you’re a cynic, but you don’t think you should sugarcoat anything. You’ve got a big personality and everyone knows it. Tracks that you embody are: “New Slaves,” “I’m In It” and “Hold My Liquor."