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Caldwell shares his expectations, predictions for South Carolina

Everyone has their own opinions — especially when it comes to college football — which is why asking our parents would be a great aspect for everyone to see just what non-students are thinking.

Although my dad, Don, was never a writer, he has some high opinions about the football team, having been a starting quarterback and MVP in high school. When it is football season, he is watching it — no matter who is throwing the pigskin on TV.

Predicting for the upcoming weekend game against UCF, he gave South Carolina the benefit of the doubt despite their loss to Georgia. For the final score of 31-21 he believes the starting quarterback freshman Lorenzo Nunez will throw two touchdowns for 200 yards. This is the first collegiate start for Nunez and could be a different feel for the Gamecocks that they need in their offense.

My dad has high hopes in the defense, predicting they will have two interceptions from the Knights quarterback freshman Bo Schneider. Schneider started in the last game against Furman for the first true freshman start at UCF since 2010. South Carolina has garnered interceptions this season so far, especially from junior Skai Moore, who averages 4.7 this season.

Even though he predicted this game as a win for South Carolina, the rest of the season could be seen as a different story.

He predicts the team will go 7-5 overall and that this could be Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier's last year as a coach. He also believes the team could have a better passing attack as the season progresses especially if South Carolina manages to win in the LSU game on Oct. 10. Winning that game could set the tone for the entire season.

Redshirt freshman Michael Scarnecchia also has a really good chance of getting some playing time this season as quarterback. Some of the players in the limelight, like junior Pharoh Cooper, could be said to not playing up to par as some people thought they might this season. 

As for the linebacker, Moore, he has the possibility to be an All-SEC player for the Gamecocks.