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Student Government Chief of Staff resigns

Student Government Chief of Staff Trey Byars has resigned to work full-time for Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, according to Student Government Communications Director Charlotte Price.

Byars was offered the position on Rubio's campaign Friday and officially resigned as Chief of Staff last Monday at 2 p.m. In an email, he pledged his continued support for Student Government. 

"I will help in whatever capacity [Kaufman] needs and give advice whenever he asks," Byars said. "Many of the members of Student Government are my closest friends and I will continue to stay involved and help them achieve their goals over the coming year."

Byars had been discussing the possibility of the move with Kaufman for over a month, and felt the Rubio campaign job would interfere with his duties.

"I want the Executive Cabinet to be given the time they need from their Chief of Staff to accomplish their goals and sadly there was not enough time in my day to pursue both roles," he said.

Byars also said his resignation was unrelated to the impeachment charges submitted yesterday by student Sen. Zachary Kirby against Student Body President Jonathan Kaufman.