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Dress like an icon: Chuck Bass

<p>Infamous bad boy Chuck Bass always knew what he wanted and how to dress to get it.</p>
Infamous bad boy Chuck Bass always knew what he wanted and how to dress to get it.

Beloved show “Gossip Girl” may no longer be blessing us with scandalous storylines, but the enviable style and class given to us by bad boy Chuck Bass lives on. Witty, wealthy and sinfully handsome, Chuck Bass gave us all unrealistic romance standards and one of the TV world’s best male style icons.

Suits and suspenders

A crisp, well-tailored suit is definitely a must have when striving to dress like Chuck Bass. In nearly every episode of the series Chuck Bass is seen sporting a fabulous suit. Often paired with trendy suspenders, Chuck Bass succeeded in putting a fun spin on a classic look.

While suits and accessories can be expensive, stores like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M can offer some more financially friendly ways to get Chuck Bass' business-man street style.

Pocket handkerchiefs and ties

If you know anything about Chuck Bass, you know that he isn’t afraid to take risks. The wildest aspects of Chuck Bass’s wardrobe were often his choice of ties and handkerchiefs. Throughout the series, Chuck Bass kept his style fresh by sporting bright pastels and fun patterns. The pocket handkerchiefs were not only statements of personal style, but they also proved very useful whenever there was Blair Waldorf drama. Pocket handkerchiefs may seem outdated to some, but when strategically paired with the right tie it can really take a man’s look to the next level.


For New York winters, peacoats were a must for Mr. Chuck Bass. Practical and sleek, peacoats were truly a staple of Chuck Bass’s wardrobe. Short or long, or sometimes even belted, Chuck Bass looked powerful and fashionable whenever he would strut around the Upper East Side in his peacoats.

We may not get as cold of a winter as they do in New York City, but that doesn’t mean one can’t find a suitable peacoat. Forever 21 has a wide selection of coats for men and most of them are excellent quality, especially considering the price. Feel free to experiment with the material and length of your coat — color is always fair game as well.


Black, brown or even taupe — Chuck Bass did not discriminate when it came to dress shoes. Like the pocket handkerchiefs, Chuck Bass was truly always stylish from head to toe. Throughout the series, Chuck Bass can be seen wearing plain matte dress shoes and even some embellished loafers. Flip flops, however, were not acceptable.

Shoes are a great way to subtly convey personal style. Loafers and dress shoes are always a great look for men, and they can really dress up any outfit. Shoes can be expensive, but if you’re going to splurge on any item for your wardrobe, a classic dress shoe isn’t a bad choice.


Slicked back and seemingly perfectly maintained, Chuck Bass’s hair was just one of the many perfect things about him. Gel and a good comb are vital to imitating this look, but don’t overdo it on the gel.

State of mind

Intelligent, motivated and secretly a hopeless romantic — "Gossip Girl’s" most infamous bad boy always knew how to get exactly what he wanted, and he always looked flawless doing it. Nobody does it better. After all, he’s Chuck Bass.