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Dress Like an Icon: Jessica Day

Jess and Cece try to cheer up May after she and Coach break up.
Jess and Cece try to cheer up May after she and Coach break up.

To any "New Girl" fan, Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, is beloved for her quirky charm, compassion and awkward tendencies. However, her style is equally notable. To achieve her eccentric and girly style, vamp up your wardrobe and try some of these tips.

Patterned sweaters

Nick Miller once told Jess, "You wear a cardigan on top of another cardigan." Any type of sweater is, indeed, a staple of Jessica Day's wardrobe. She typically wears a patterned sweater or blouse, layered with a cardigan. To channel your inner Jess, try a classic polka-dotted sweater, one of her favorite, most notable patterns. However, she frequently wears a striped shirt or a sweater with a collar poking out of the neck-hole as well. Any of these looks are feminine and flattering, while still giving off a quirky vibe.

Skirts and tights

Instead of playing it safe and pairing a pair of jeans or pants with your sweater, go for a skirt instead. For the dog days of winter, wear a pair of black tights under your skirt to stay a little bit warmer without having to wear pants. Not only does a classic black skirt match with a myriad of blouses, but it also provides the perfect solution for Columbia's finicky weather. With a sweater on top and a skirt on bottom, you are prepared for both a cool breeze and a sunny day.

Bright dresses

As spring and summer approach, a sweater might not always be the best option. Instead, try a youthful and colorful dress. Jess tends to wear dresses that are fitted above the waist and loose and flowing below. This style is a cross-over between fancy and casual, making it suitable for both semi-formal events and picnics in the park. Try bright, lively colors to commemorate spring's soon arrival.

Ballet flats

Comfortable and cute, ballet flats are the perfect shoes to tie the rest of your outfit together. Nude or black flats are classic choices that will match with almost any outfit and work for almost any scenario.

Hair and face

Even if you don't have Deschanel's long, luscious brown locks or full bangs, you can still take some elements of her hair-styling. With a curling iron or wand, preferably one that is bigger than an inch thick, curl large sections of your hair. After curling, brush your waves out to loosen them up and then finish with hairspray, ensuring that your loose waves won't fall too flat.

As far as makeup goes, emphasis falls on Jessica Day's big, blue eyes. To accentuate your own eyes, apply multiple coats of mascara on your top eyelashes and a thin layer of mascara on the bottom. Eyeliner is not necessary, but a thin line on top wouldn't hurt. Cool eye shadow tones, such as whites and grays, accentuate your lashes and the color of your eyes. If you wear glasses, try a pair of rounded frames to add to the doe-eyed look.

To complete your makeup routine, add a small amount of blush to your cheeks and a muted red lipstick to your lips.

The complete package

As Jessica Day once said, "I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours! And that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong." How right she is. Jessica Day might be girly, quirky and in touch with her emotions, but that does not make her less smart or capable. Rather, her wide range of emotions adds to her intellect, making her the complete package. Her compassion for all living things is admirable, and a worthy goal to aspire to. After giving some of her outfits a go, try out her best quality — her loving and optimistic outlook on life.