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In Brief: 2/16/16

Police search for suspects in carjacking, non-fatal shooting

Columbia police are trying to locate two suspects in connection with a stolen car that they crashed into a sign at Greenview Park, The State reports. Letitia Baskett told police that her car was stolen after she left the keys in it to heat it up before going to work on Monday morning. Her son said that he saw the car later in the day. He followed the car and confronted the suspects, demanding that they leave the car. The suspects fired shots at Baskett's son as they were trying to flee before they crashed.  Baskett's son was not injured in the shooting. 

Kershaw County resident charged in fatal shooting of teenager 

Kershaw County resident Jimmy Methe has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after he shot a teenage boy for stealing from his truck, WIS reports. Methe shot 17-year-old Brandon Spencer as he was running away. Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said he understands the frustration brought about by ongoing car break-ins in the neighborhood, but deadly force from Methe was unnecessary.

Lexington business owner charged with murder of wife's lover

A restaurant owner from Lexington turned himself in Monday morning and claimed to have killed the man with whom his wife was having an affair, WLTX reports. Greg Leon, 49, has been charged with murder in connection with the death that occurred on Sunday night. According to the arrest warrant, Leon fired shots at his wife and the victim, who were in the back of a Toyota Tundra at the time. Leon said he was trying to shoot his wife, but she was not injured.