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Just Keep Shagging event a successful, temporary replacement

The Just Keep Shagging event held at Shandon Baptist Ministries'upstairs venue at 631 Harden Street this past Thursday was a successful alternative to "shag nights" at recently closed Jillian’s. Although not a permanent substitute, the event seemed to meet the ravenous demand for shagging held by USC students.

Meredith Graham, first-year nursing student, and Meri Funk, second-year elementary education student, organized the informal event with help from their student ministry leaders.

Graham said: “Jillian’s just closed and we were all kind of upset about it because it was something for us to do on a Thursday night and so we talked to our college minister and we were like what can we do; we want to keep shagging but we don’t know how. And so he was like, well, make a Facebook page and invite anyone you know and everybody and we can have it at 631 [Harden St].”

Shagging has proved to be a popular pastime for many who want to do something fun with a group of friends, but do not want to go to Five Points. One of the goals for the Just Keep Shagging event was to encourage students to meet new people in a comfortable setting.

White Christmas lights laced the ceiling, and the music was an eclectic mix of classic shag songs and recent popular hits, as well as line dances — a similar mix of songs to those at Jillian’s. Jeb Butler, first-year history student and the man in charge of music during the event, spoke about his prediction for shagging in Columbia.

“I think shag night will continue on since it has become an attraction for more than just college students. Any establishment would jump over the opportunity to host shag night and I believe it will be relocated soon," Butler said. "Wherever shag night moves to though, it will be different because Jillian’s gave it a unique appeal.”

The crowd of students proved to be extremely diverse, and everyone was dancing or practicing complicated swing dancing moves. The atmosphere was light and carefree, a welcome change to the stress of classes.

“I go to Jillian’s every Thursday and they closed last week and so, I found out about this through friends that go to Shandon and I decided to come out,” Sarah Louise Faulkner, second-year nursing and piano performance student, said.

Meeting people was a common goal of all the dancers, both old friends and new acquaintances.

"Honestly, just the community and being able to come hang out with a bunch of people ... and meet new people, see old people, it’s fun,” Faulkner said.

There is some talk that other establishments are looking to pick up Thursday "shag nights" permanently, but nothing is confirmed. A permanent location for weekly shagging would be greatly appreciated by USC students, but the temporary Just Keep Shagging night at 631 Harden Street this past Thursday was a welcomed alternative.