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Your perfect and original Valentine's Day playlist

<p>Ezra Vine's song "Celeste" is the perfect song to sing along with your partner and have a little fun with.</p>
Ezra Vine's song "Celeste" is the perfect song to sing along with your partner and have a little fun with.

“Baby, you can have whatever you like / you can have whatever you like, yeah.”

These lyrics should say it all. The perfect way to begin any Valentine’s Day celebration: telling your partner that this day is all about them.

"Like Real People Do" – Hozier

“Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips / we should just kiss like real people do.”

Hozier’s lyrics are always poetry, no matter the content — his song talking about two dead lovers decomposing that still somehow tugs at the heartstrings. If you’re wanting to give your partner some pretty words, Hozier is your man. Let him do the work for you.

"Let Me In" – Grouplove

“Gimme, gimme that love, I’ll be waiting for ya/ and catch my hand, I’ll be fighting for ya.”

Despite their grammatical issues, these words are just too sweet. Show your partner you care and are willing to fight for them — isn’t that what everyone wants to hear? With this upbeat melody that is equal parts adorable and fun.

"Overwhelmed" – Tim McMorris

“And I am overwhelmed by you / am overcome with joy / you’ve taken me higher, and shown me what love can do / where I go, or be, without you?”

And then slow it right on down with this sweet number by Tim McMorris. It’s a light, airy song coupled with simple lyrics that hold the most tender of sentiments.

"Will You Be By Me" – Wallpaper Airplanes

“If my heart would fail / and there’s no one else / will you be by me?”

Reminding your partner of the harder things in life is probably not perceived as the most romantic of gestures, but it is also a true testament of love to be able to withstand any storm. Remind your significant other that even if things get tough, you’ll always be by their side.

"You Make My Dreams" – Hall and Oates

“Then you pull them all together / and how I can’t explain / oh, yeah / well, well you / you make my dreams come true.”

You can never go wrong with a little Hall and Oates, and especially not this wildly fun, lively number to pick your partner up after that emotional punch you just packed. Yes, times get tough, but guess what? You make them better. It’s a simple, yet effective, reminder.

"Celeste" – Ezra Vine

“My girl’s a switchblade / a bright light on the cityscape / wherever she goes, I’m gonna chase / you’re something out of a dream.”

These sweet song will carry on the good vibes, and it’s the perfect sing-along over which to bond with your partner. Have a little fun with this one.

"The Fool" – Ryn Weaver

“So I curse my stars for a fair game / while you nurse my scars and the old flame / I’m a fool for you, I’m a fool for…”

This song is another fun one for a sing-along, and the sentiment — although buried beneath some fun beats and repetition — is the simple idea that love makes fools of us all, no matter what our lover does. But the bass drop is pretty great, too.

"ABC" – Alexander Fairchild

“A I love you, never gonna let you / B alone now, always gonna help you / C you are the only one I want to love.”

This sweet song will have your partner loving the easy melody and beautiful words. No matter how many times you remind your partner that you love them and want to be with them, it never hurts to hear it like this.

R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

“Well, are you mine? / Are you mine? / Are you mine?”

Let’s be honest: If by the end of this incredible date, with the perfect background music that is just the right mix of cheerful, sentimental, and loving, how could he or she not be yours?

The music doesn’t do it all, though. You still need to plan this five-star date, complete with romance and charm and all of those cliched Valentine’s Day sentiments, but this playlist should help just the slightest bit. Even if you just spend the day driving around or spend the night looking at the stars, at least you have the perfect soundtrack to do so.