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SG Candidate Profiles: Dennzon Winley, president

<p>Dennzon Winley, third-year international studies student and student body presidential candidate</p>
Dennzon Winley, third-year international studies student and student body presidential candidate

The Daily Gamecock: What experience qualifies you for this office?

Dennzon Winley: I’m qualified for the office of student body president because I served two terms in our student senate, and I am well familiar with how SG operates. More than that though, I’m qualified because I embody the frustrations of senate members past and present. I know the feeling of not being a part of the process, not being the recipient of executive outreach. I embody the disaffection that our student body holds toward Student Government because of the disconnect that remains election after election. People are tired of campaign promises that do not translate into action, and I am here to deliver to a wide range of students. I’m here to finally ensure that SG is a presence on campus.

TDG: If you could accomplish one thing during your term, what would it be?

DW: If I could accomplish one thing, it would be getting shuttle services extended past 7 p.m. for our students who live in university-affiliated housing. A lot of students who need to remain on campus need to do so because of classes, work or organization meetings, and because their shuttle discontinues at 7 p.m., they’re forced to either 1) drive on campus during the day, thus adding to and feeding that monster known as parking or 2) not be a part of an organization, or cut work hours or not sign up for a class that they may need because they do not possess the appropriate means of transportation. I was one of those students. Students are burdened with a lot already, and they should not have to worry about locating rides or missing out on opportunities because they do not possess transportation.

TDG: What inspired you to run for the job?

DW: I was inspired to run because, like a lot of people, I am tired of Student Government not fully comprehending all the issues that affect our students. I am also fed up of SG acting as if it’s some kind of elite social group: sectioned off and if you’re not a part of “the circle," then you’re excluded. I have pieced together a 14-point platform that seeks to include students often forgotten such as non-traditional and off-campus students, take bold action on issues affecting race across campus and seeks to fully reconstruct an organ of SG, the senate.

TDG: What food do you think embodies your personality and why?

DW: I would select the candy Tropical Dots. I say that because I’m rare nowadays and you can only find that particular box of candy and people like myself in certain places. I equate my personality to that box of candy — very colorful. There is never a dull moment when it comes to me, and that’s what students need in a student body president: someone who is outgoing, goes out their way to make everyone feel comfortable and included, and is eager to lead.