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Sports staff offers Super Bowl picks

With less than 48 hours to go until the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos in The Golden City, the sports staff offers up their picks for Super Bowl 50. 

Adam Orfinger, sports editor: "Game strikes many parallels with the Seattle-Denver Super Bowl two years ago. Defense wins championships, which will reign true again. Peyton Manning gets to ride off into the sunset with his second Lombardi Trophy." Denver Broncos

Joe Crevier, sports editor: "Unless Denver's defense can hold Newton's offense under 20 points, Carolina should walk away with this one." Carolina Panthers

Bobby Balboni, sports editor: "Demaryius Thomas needs to step up as the playmaker for Denver. Manning is looking better now than he has all season. Granted, that doesn't mean he looks great, but with how strong Denver's defense is, he doesn't have to win the game for them — he just can't lose it." Denver Broncos

Allen M. Harter, staff writer: "I believe the Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50 because I feel like the Carolina defense will prey on a Denver offense with an older Peyton Manning. Luke Kuechly along with the "Theives Alley" will be able to handle the Broncos offense. I feel like Cam Newton will be too much to handle because the Broncos defense has not faced a quarterback like him." Carolina Panthers

Abe Danaher, staff writer: "Unless the Broncos know of a Kryptonite that the rest of the league does not, I don’t see any way in which Superman and his fellow Panthers lose. Goodbye Peyton, I really won’t miss watching you play." Carolina Panthers

Natalee Stanton, staff writer: "With Cam Newton's ability to not only run but also create time in the pocket, he ensures that there is a gain made on every play. The stopping and intercepting power of Luke Kuechly will shine against the beaten down Peyton Manning." Carolina Panthers

Elizabeth Jenkins, staff writer: "When it comes down to it, Denver has the stronger defense and I sincerely doubt they will give up much in such a high-stakes game, even under the pressure of Cam Newton and the Carolina offense." Denver Broncos

Calli Kinsler, staff writer: "My pick is the Broncos. Panthers have the number one offense in the NFL and the Broncos have the number one defense in the league. So every time it comes down to the best offense playing the best defense in the Super Bowl, the best defense always wins the game. For example, the year the Seahawks beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl, Seahawks had the best defense in the league and the Broncos were the best offense at the time." Denver Broncos

Chris Slade, staff writer: "At the end of the day, I don't trust a washed-up Peyton Manning to play a mistake-free game against this Panthers defense. I expect the Panthers to win the turnover battle in this one, which will be the difference-maker in them going on to win their first Super Bowl." Carolina Panthers

Drew Mueller, staff writer: "I think the Denver Broncos will be the 50th Superbowl winners. Why? Because all the knuckleheads in sports media are picking Carolina, and I'm an underdog kind of guy." Denver Broncos

Claudia Chakamian, staff writer: "Panthers are going to win. The Panthers' defense is too strong and will be too much for Peyton Manning to overcome. Cam Newton will have another outstanding game and throw for 250 and rush for 50 yards." Carolina Panthers

Kristen Schneider, staff writer: "Panthers will win the Super Bowl. I don't think there's any doubt about it. At the end of the day, you have a talented young man versus a retiree, and we all know who will play the better game." Carolina Panthers

Anjali Patel, staff writer: "I do not think the Broncos are prepared to face an offense as unorthodox and creative as this one. Peyton Manning is nearing the inevitable end of his career, while Cam Newton is just now entering his prime. This game is going to come down to youth versus experience, and I believe that the Panthers have too much momentum to be suppressed." Carolina Panthers

Marion McCurry, staff writer: "Panthers win 27-17 as Cam Newton dabs his way to a Super Bowl ring. Peyton Manning throws two interceptions and has to settle for just one Super Bowl victory in his Hall of Fame career." Carolina Panthers