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5 motivational tips to power students through semester slump


Here we are at the final stretch of the school year. It's just a few more weeks until we are free of finals, projects and stress and get a blissfully school-free three months. But we’re not there yet.

There is nothing more fatal than the second-semester slump, and I’m sure we’ve all started to feel its effects. As the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds and temperatures rise, it becomes more difficult to resign yourself to study marathons at the library. Although it is taxing to spend hours on homework when you could be tanning by the pool at Strom, all hope is not lost. With iron resolve, determination and a few tips, you can end this semester with success and without tanking your GPA.

Make a schedule

During these final weeks, the assignments begin to pile up. It’s very easy to be quickly overwhelmed as due dates fly by. The best way to keep yourself from losing a grade — and your mind — is to make a schedule. Having all of your due dates and tests written out in front of you will help you visualize what needs to be done. From there, you can manage your time in order to get everything done without cramming in studying and homework at the last minute. Staying organized will eliminate stress and help you survive until the end of the semester.

Take time to relax

This one should be obvious, but it’s easy to forget. When you are in the middle of a freakout because you’ll never get everything done that you need to, it can be more productive to step away from your work and take a breather. Watch a show on Netflix, take a shower or go for a run. When you come back, you’ll be able to address your work with a clear head and finish it more efficiently.

Pump up the jam

Nothing is more inspiring than a dance session. When you feel yourself losing steam, crank up the volume on your speakers and dance it out for a few minutes. Get your friends or roommates to join in. Dancing is great stress relief, and music is a great way to get motivated. When you’re done, you’ll be much more prepared to get stuff done.

Be positive

Don’t let yourself fall into a slump. Once you start panicking about all the stuff you have to do, it’s hard to refocus. Yes, you’re almost at the finish line, but you’re not there yet. Keep your goals in mind, but don’t get too stressed. Remind yourself to keep a good attitude and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed.

Reward yourself

Don’t get so focused on what you haven’t done that you forget all the work you have done. If you finish a big project, celebrate. When you promise yourself a reward when you finish studying for that exam, you will be more motivated to reach the end of the material you need to study. Give yourself something to look forward to and you’ll be determined to reach that point.