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Dress Like an Icon: Luanna Perez-Garreaud

<p>Luanna P's style is all about layering--shirts under shirts, all under jackets.</p>
Luanna P's style is all about layering--shirts under shirts, all under jackets.

In this day and age, blogging has taken the world by storm. Blogs are easy to start, and aspiring writers can share their passions, travels and style with the world around them through the click of a button. One such creative soul, Luanna Perez-Garreaud, has gained popularity through her blog and re-postings of her style on other website and Pinterest. She’s most notable for her modern take on the indie-grunge fashion of the '90s. Here’s how to pull off her edgy look: 

Bold Hair Color

Bold red-to-peach ombré hair completes every look of Luanna’s. While less-natural colors can be risky if you’re navigating through internship and job searches, college can also be the perfect time to try out that new color you’ve always dreamt about. You’re independent, free from many adult responsibilities and perhaps seeking a bit of adventure. A daring new hue will give you a perfectly indie look from head-to-toe.


There is perhaps no better classically grunge accessory than a choker, and Luanna can be seen wearing one in nearly every picture she posts. They’re a great way to accessorize without having to worry about any dangling or clinking nuisances. These small statement pieces can be found at Forever 21, for accessible and effortlessly grunge touches to any outfit.


With South Carolina's weather fluctuating on the daily, it can be frustrating when we finally feel like making an effort to look cute for class — or we just want to stay comfy in some norts. Tights are an easy fix to keep us a little warmer when we want to flaunt that new skirt or pair of shorts. Patterned tights can further add details to an outfit with cute polka dots or other geometrically pleasing designs, and tinted tights can add a fun pop of color.

Lots of Layers

A key feature of Luanna’s style is her use of layering: tights under shorts, shirts under shirts, and everything under a jacket or two. From a photography standpoint, this makes sense, as the duo of blogger and photographer are trying to create dimension to intrigue viewers and perhaps show off a variety of products that have been given to the blogger to advertise. In any case, “layering up” doesn’t have to mean doubling up on puffy winter coats for warmth. It presents a way to easily look trendy with the addition of a single item.

Chunky Shoes

Nothing says “grunge” more than a pair of clunky yet chic Dr. Martens. However, if you’re not trying to break the bank on one pair of shoes, any pair of heels, boots or tennis shoes with a chunky heel or base will do the trick. They show you’re worn down by the weight of the world, but that doesn’t stop you from stomping around and leaving your mark. If you’re looking for an edgy staple in your wardrobe, these shoes certainly kick butt.


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