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Four bold new games in 2016

<p>After you finish a mission in "Quantum Break," an episode of a TV show style series plays, with real actors and actresses, based on the choices you made in the game.</p>
After you finish a mission in "Quantum Break," an episode of a TV show style series plays, with real actors and actresses, based on the choices you made in the game.

Much as with film, the gaming industry is often flooded with sequels and reboots of old series, simply because they are easier to sell — a financially safer option than creating something new. While receiving more action from the games and characters that we love is fun, it is exciting and refreshing when a developer creates a brave, new game with its own characters, story and game-play. Here are four promising new games set to release in 2016 whose developers made the bold decision to create something new rather than riding off of the success of previous games.

"Quantum Break"

“Quantum Break” is an action-adventure third-person shooter game where you play as Jack Joyce, a man who has gained the ability to stop time. Joyce’s powers allow him to walk around while everyone else is frozen in time, which the player can use this to avoid certain death and change the environment. The most unique part of the game is the live-action series that goes along with it. When you finish a mission in the game, you will watch an episode of a TV show style series with real actors that is affected by your choices in the game.The game focuses on the heroes of the story, while the show focuses on the villains, including the main antagonist, Paul Serene, who is played by "Game of Thrones" actor Aidan Gillen. “Quantum Break” is set to release April 5 on Xbox One and PC.


Multiplayer first-person shooters have been consistently growing in popularity over the last few years with games like the “Team Fortress,” “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty” series. However, while each of these — and many others — are part of long-established franchises, “Overwatch” is the first of its name, with a fresh, goofy and stylish take on the first-person shooter formula. In “Overwatch,” the player chooses one of the game’s over-the-top characters and fights against online players or their friends in a six versus six match. Each character falls under one of four categories — offense, defense, tank or support — and has their own unique skills that help lead the team to victory. “Overwatch” is set to release May 24 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"No Man’s Sky"

“No Man’s Sky” is a game that, if it lives up to what it has promised, could be a literal game-changer. “No Man’s Sky” is a space exploration game that allows players to explore planets and solar systems in a procedurally-generated universe — meaning that the universe and its various planets, moons and space stations are all created with complex algorithms rather than being made manually, which has allowed the game to hold over 18 quintillion completely different planets. Each planet has its own plant and animal life, terrain, inhabitants and economy. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, the UK-based developing team responsible “No Man’s Sky,” has often said it is very likely that when a player lands on a planet, they are the first person — player or developer — to ever see it. With unprecedented scale and no previous game to draw off of, “No Man’s Sky,” releasing June 21 on PS4 and PC, is the definition of a bold, new project.

"Horizon Zero Dawn"

“Horizon Zero Dawn” was announced last year at video game conference E3 with a gripping and action-packed trailer, which showed beautiful cinematics that flowed seamlessly into third-person action gameplay. Much of the “Horizon Zero Dawn” story is still a mystery, but the trailer shows that the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where humanity at large has fallen, leaving cities overgrown and abandoned. The humans who survived have been forced to resort back to their primal instincts, traveling in tribes, dressing like cavemen and defending themselves from herds of robotic animals with unknown origins. While no release date has been announced, “Horizon Zero Dawn” is rumored to be releasing during the 2016 holiday season.


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