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Gwen Stefani underwhelms with new album

<p>Gwen Stefani's new album, "This Is What the Truth Feels Like", is lackluster at best.</p>
Gwen Stefani's new album, "This Is What the Truth Feels Like", is lackluster at best.

Gwen Stefani’s new album "This Is What the Truth Feels Like" hit the ears of her audiences March 18. The album features a cover of Stefani pictured in a pose resembling Marilyn Monroe and is filled with tracks that deal with matters of the heart.

The track "Misery" is a fun, carefree song about love, despite the title. The lyrics convey that Stefani needs her love to “put me outta my misery” so that she can be done with the suffering of being without her love.

"You’re My Favorite" features background music with an almost electro feel, but takes this theme of love heard in "Misery" a step further with an emotional, profound mood. 

Similar to her other hits, Stefani’s "Where Would I Be" sounds a bit aggressive and carries a punk-like attitude. However, this song is even more upbeat than "Misery" and has electronic background sounds as well.

"Make Me Like You" is a somewhat humorous song where Stefani sings about lamenting why her lover has made her like him, while the song "Truth" portrays the idea of knowing what it is to be aware of the strange novelty that comes from being in love. The idea of treasuring a loved one is conveyed through the track "Rare" as it speaks of how amazing it can be to have such a special person by your side. These tracks all portray the theme of lovesickness, which continues throughout the album.

"Send Me a Picture" is a sensual song talking about not wanting to wait to see a lover and asking for a picture in the meantime. The track "Naughty" continues this spicy theme with highly repetitive lyrics about being “addicted to the shame” of being “naughty.” 

"Asking 4 It" is also a somewhat racy track and features Fetty Wap. This track’s lyrics warn a potential lover of the trouble that may come from starting a relationship with Stefani, saying, “you’re asking for it, are you sure you wanna love me?”

Contrary to other tracks about the thrill of being in a relationship, "Me Without You" speaks of the triumph of being without another person with the lyrics, “things are 'bout to get real good” outside of a relationship.

"Used To Love You" also deviates from the other tracks about the joy of love with lyrics mourning the idea that before hate there was love. This song emphasizes the pain and sorrow that comes from knowing what once was in a relationship. Similarly, "Red Flag" talks about the pain of a breakup and a relationship that has been torn.

A typical album of love and heartbreak, Gwen Stefani’s resurface into the music world with "This Is What the Truth Feels Like" is a bit lackluster and not extremely impressive. After her 10 years of silence, the album may be somewhat disappointing to some, if not altogether forgettable.