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New year boasts new anticipated films

<p>The film adaptation of the widely popular novel&nbsp;"The Girl on the Train" debuts later this year.</p>
The film adaptation of the widely popular novel "The Girl on the Train" debuts later this year.

Now that the Oscars are over, it’s time to look forward to the movies expected to shine in the coming year. Here are five titles that are sure to be blockbusters in the following months.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" (March 4)

If you say you’re not a Tina Fey fan, you’re lying. In "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," she brings her clever sense of humor and feminist values to Afghanistan as she portrays a female war reporter. The movie also features Margot Robbie from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Martin Freeman from “The Hobbit.” The movie is expected to be a comical hit as well as a commentary on the current state of Afghanistan.

"The Jungle Book" (April 15)

One of the best plot devices a film could ever use is nostalgia. This live-action remake of the heartwarming children’s movie and book is sure to hit everyone right in the feels. With an all-star ensemble cast, including Bill Murray as Baloo the bear, Idris Elba as Shere Khan the tiger and Scarlett Johanssen as Kaa the snake, as well as incredible CGI work, "The Jungle Book" is on a fast track to amazing.

"Captain America: Civil War" (May 6)

Marvel has created the franchise that gave new life to the superhero genre. Since the first movie, there have been countless Avengers-related spinoffs, such as "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Agent Carter." Now, the franchise is introducing a movie that will pit Captain America and Iron Man, two of its most iconic heroes, against each other. "Captain America: Civil War" has already gathered a lot of hype thanks to Marvel's release of its movie schedule for the next few years, and the Internet has been ablaze with people on Team Captain America or Team Iron Man.

"Finding Dory" (June 17)

A film we have all waited too long to see, "Finding Dory" is the sequel to the beloved "Finding Nemo." It follows the recent trend of Pixar sequels, such as "Monsters University" and "Toy Story 3," and tugs at the heartstrings of people of all ages. Whether you’re going because you loved the original or because you're looking for a new deep-sea adventure, "Finding Dory" will be the long-awaited summertime sequel we’ve been hoping for.

"The Girl on the Train" (Oct. 7)

Based on a book described by many as the new "Gone Girl," "The Girl on the Train" is a thriller starring Rachel Watson, a dysfunctional alcoholic who becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the couple she watches from the train on her daily commute. The book became a hit last year and quickly had people clamoring for a movie adaptation that is likely to please.


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