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4 clever chick flicks to beat the cliché


It’s a lazy Saturday in the apartment and you're not quite ready to greet the daylight. You invite your best friends over for a marathon of romantic comedies, but you don’t want to feel “basic” like all the haters say. Or maybe you’re hoping to introduce your significant other to some of your favorite chick flicks, to show them that rom-coms do not always follow the same plotline in which a 20-something, gorgeous girl runs into Mr. Right at the grocery store, falls in love and has a quarrel that nearly ruins the relationship. In the sea of typical chick flicks that define the stereotype, here are four movies to consider watching to fulfill the romantic void in your life and inspire a laugh with fresh and witty comedic material.

"500 Days of Summer"

Unlike most romantic comedies that focus on a female lead, “500 Days of Summer” shows that men struggle with relationships too. Hopeless romantic, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), falls head over heels for Summer (Zooey Deschanel), a new coworker at the greeting card company for they both work for. The film shows that sometimes, the people we think are our soul mates may appear distorted to us because we have yet to explore who we are on our own. It’s quirky, fun and far more representative of the real world than your average chick flick.

"Definitely, Maybe"

Another chick flick with a male protagonist, “Definitely, Maybe” essentially captures the series of “How I Met Your Mother” in a single movie. The plot may not seem as unique in this regard, however it shines in its ability to deeply develop characters and relationships through personalized, yet realistic situations and witty banter. You’ll finish the film feeling sunny and satisfied with the culminating scene (unlike in “How I Met Your Mother”), all thanks to fresh comedy, a well-thought-out cast and a set list of feel good songs like, “Everyday People,” “Time of Times” and “Ain’t Goin’ to Goa.”


Starring one of the most popular comedians of 2016, “Trainwreck” inspires a new definition of the modern single woman. Amy Schumer plays a character who’s a bit of a mess in every aspect of her life, chiefly relationships. Provocatively and unapologetically navigating through the New York City dating scene, Schumer shows that in today’s day and age, we can all seem like a train wreck at times, but that’s just a part of life as we try to make it on our own and with a significant other.

"Friends with Benefits"

“Friends with Benefits” explores another form of the modern relationship. Characters Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) both find themselves emotionally damaged and unavailable, so they decide to leave behind all the drama traditional couples can have. Yet despite their seemingly shatterproof friendship and humorous use of sarcasm to veil reality, they realize that conflicts and emotional attraction are inevitable, no matter how you label your relationship.