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Dress Like an Icon: Olivia Pope

<p>White and black are the most frequented colors in Olivia Pope's style palette, often channeled through a classic peacoat or blazer.</p>
White and black are the most frequented colors in Olivia Pope's style palette, often channeled through a classic peacoat or blazer.

Olivia Pope, the main character of ABC's "Scandal," is the quintessential strong, independent, successful woman — an inspiration to many. Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is the first female African American lead in a network TV drama since 1974.  Olivia Pope is a fixer who fiercely fights for her clients and cares deeply for her friends. Along with her admirable personality is her neutral, fabulous and simplistic style. Learn to dress like Olivia Pope and you just might gain the confidence to tackle the world the way she does.

All about the white

White is the defining feature of Olivia Pope's wardrobe. Whether it's with a blouse, a coat or a pantsuit, she always makes sure to incorporate white into her outfits. While this may seem like a simple, or even bland, choice, it makes a world of difference. For example, instead of wearing a traditional black blazer or peacoat, wear a white one instead. This is a simple, unique change to a classic look.

Also, keep in mind that a white accent does not always have to be paper-white — cream whites serve the same purpose. The distinction between these two relies on whether you are aiming for a cool or a warm tone — Olivia Pope tends to gravitate toward warm, creamy whites. 

Loose bottoms

Pantsuits are common in Olivia Pope's wardrobe, with either a matching white set or a white blouse and complimentary black bottoms. Her loose, flowing pants are her most distinguishable bottoms. Even when Olivia Pope is lounging around her apartment, she does not wear typical sweatpants. Rather, she wears loose, white silk pants. When she works, she often wears a similar version of these loose pants, but with more of a professional look. Loose pants — in either white or black — are the perfect cross-over between comfortable, professional and flattering. Pair these with a black heel, and you will be ready to strut the streets of Washington, D.C., like Olivia Pope.

Classic hair and makeup

Olivia Pope's hairstyles transition throughout the seasons, from loose, glamorous curls to a straight, sleek look, with only one slight wave in the front. Both hairstyles are professional, polished and relatively simple to achieve. For the curlier look, take a one- to two-inch curler and curl thick sections of your hair, sealing them with hairspray. For the straighter hairstyle, straighten all of your hair except for the section framing your face on the side of your part. For this section, straighten this chunk while simultaneously turning the straightener in a rotation going away from your face. This will give your hair one loose wave framing your face. 

Olivia Pope's makeup is neutral and simple. She typically wears a few coats of mascara and warm eyeshadow, as well as a thin layer of foundation and bronzer. 

No-nonsense attitude

Olivia Pope's no-nonsense attitude is the most crucial part of her character. She is a headstrong woman who always aims to wear the metaphorical "white hat" — meaning that she always tries to help the morally correct side of an issue. She is fiercely and unapologetically confident about both herself and the choices that she makes. To complete the Olivia Pope look, exude confidence and take no nonsense when you face any obstacle in life.


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