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Podcasts for those who can't get enough of 'Serial'

Podcasts are one of the easiest ways to get content you love almost everywhere you go. They are great for working out, driving long distances or just trying to unwind after a long day. Subjects can range from sports to sexual health to one of my favorites: true crime. With the rise in popularity of the documentary “Making A Murderer” and the podcast “Serial,” podcasts and shows that revolve around murders and court cases are as plentiful as they are intriguing. Here are three podcasts to get you through your post-Serial withdrawal.

"Sword & Scale"

"Sword & Scale" tells new and old gut-wrenching stories of murders, kidnappings, heists and gangsters. The narrator interviews people involved in the cases, sometimes family members or lawyers.  "Sword & Scale" takes a more objective approach; the narrator states just the facts, allowing the listener to attach their own emotions to the cases. This podcast focuses on the theme that the real monsters in the world exist all around us. If you love hearing stories told in an honest yet emotionally charged way, this podcast is for you.

"Generation Why"

Like "Sword & Scale," "Generation Why" tells the story of many of the United States’ most popular crimes. Episodes revolve around well known cases such as JonBenet Ramsey and BTK, as well as some older and lesser known crimes. While the intriguing plot lines and mysterious characters can be enough to hold anyone's attention, the podcast's differentiating factor is how the interference of the two hosts' personal speculations surrounding the crimes. "Generation Why" usually doesn't include interviews with experts or people close to the crime, pushing the podcast away from fact and into fiction. If you love to try to solve cases or hear opinion-based narratives, "Generation Why" is a good place to start.


"Criminal" is a mix of both of the above podcasts. It is not as specialized as the first two — "Criminal" covers a wide variety of crime stories. The episodes range from stories about mistreatment in the justice system, hackers, theft and, of course, murder.  "Criminal" includes interviews with people close to the case and their stories rely heavily on fact. If you enjoy learning about criminal activity in general, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.


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