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​Project Condom to promote sexual health and communication

Project Condom, a “fashion-meets-education show" created to foster open communication and awareness about healthy sex, is expanding into a full event this year with the theme "Netflix: Chat Before You Chill." Carolina Productions is partnering with Campus Wellness to host the ninth annual event.

"I know we're all technically adults," said Scott McFall, special events coordinator of Carolina Productions, "but there's still plenty of misconceptions floating around college campuses about sex and relationships."

By opening up the dialogue, the organizers of Project Condom hope to clear the air of a lot of false theories regarding sex. A panel of "sexperts" will answer anonymous questions about sex and relationships at the event.

“Becoming informed about condoms and others topics surrounding love, sex, and relationships sets the stage for one to have positive, pleasurable experiences," Quinyana Brown, third-year social work and public health masters student, and Starr Wharton, associate director of Campus Wellness, wrote in a joint email. "Communication is key in any relationship." 

Originally set out to be just a fashion show, Project Condom has expanded to include many different events to promote awareness and break down the awkward barriers surrounding condoms and open conversations about sex.

This year, the student fashion show featuring clothing made from condoms will be accompanied by a prize drawing, a reception with free food and a "sexpert" panel, according to McFall, a second-year anthropology student.

“My hope is that this season will maximize on the success of past season in reaching students, faculty, and staff but also expand, reaching students that are not already actively involved in matters related to sexual health,” Brown and Wharton wrote.

Project Condom is free with a CarolinaCard and will be held in the Russell House Ballroom on Thursday at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.


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