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Riff Raff to return to Music Farm on Saturday

If you type in “riff raff” on Google, one of the first suggestions that pop up is “riff raff teeth.” Looking up someone’s teeth is not necessarily the first thing you would think to search, but if it pops up, you are obviously obligated to see for yourself what Google finds so intriguing about Riff Raff’s teeth. Google Images supplies you with a multitude of pictures of his “aquaberry shark teeth,” which look pretty much as you would expect them to — Riff Raff shows off his blue-tinted, diamond-covered grills, sharpened to look like shark teeth.

This isn’t even the most intriguing part of Riff Raff, the Internet-famous rapper who is known for his bizarre Vines and his alter ego, JODY HiGHROLLER, on Twitter. At some point in your college career, you have probably heard his songs “TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ” or “DOLCE & GABBANA,” two of his most popular tracks. If not, you might have somehow stumbled across a photo of a blue husky — none other than JODY HUSKY, Riff Raff’s beloved dog that he dyed blue for a short period of time. The Daily Gamecock asked Riff Raff some questions so you don’t have to. If you’re still lost as to who this shark-teeth-clad, dog-dyeing guy is, you can catch him at Music Farm this Saturday.

The Daily Gamecock: You just announced your new Neon Nation Corporation. What made you want to jump into investing into the entertainment industry? What are some things we can expect?

Riff Raff: There is a lot of new talent in the world right now and I feel like I have an intuition and vision when I see people I can see potential in them so I want to be a part of molding ideas and inventions into a galactic monument, not only in music but in movies, home designs, interior designers, fashion designers .. Even inventors if u have a great invention that is ground breaking, I want to be a apart of it.

TDG: "Carlos Slim" dropped a couple of days ago. Will we hear it at the concert on Saturday?

RR: Furrrrrrr sHure

TDG: You performed in Columbia a little over a year ago. What can returning fans expect?

RR: A whole new Lamborghini leg lock light show and a lot funza

TDG: Will Jody Husky be in attendance?

RR: He might show up anywhere I am that's my son

TDG: If you could live a day in the life of a University of South Carolina student, how would you spend your day?

RR: I would probably skip school and go to the beach

TDG: You’re from Texas. How has growing up in the South influenced your music and life?

RR: I actually like all kinds of music but being from Texas I listened to brook & Dunn and Swishahouse

TDG: How many pairs of cowboy boots do you have?

RR: 4

TDG: What are your thoughts on the 2016 election?

RR: I wish there was a president that would erase everyone from paying taxes and maybe just send Christmas cards with $100,000 checks in them instead of always hearing about bad news.

TDG: Can you offer some advice or wisdom?

RR: Follow your heart if someone or something makes u happy then you found a purpose to be alive go 100 percent towards what makes u feel alive.