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Upcoming releases to get excited about

While the fall season means classes, exams and tripping over bricks on the Horseshoe, it also comes with some of the year's best releases in entertainment. This list of upcoming movies, TV shows, games and albums are a sample of the great study distractors you can be enjoying soon.


"The Girl on the Train"

Release Date: Oct. 7

Based off the New York Times Best-Seller novel by Paula Hawkins, “The Girl on the Train” follows Rachel Watson, a depressed woman who is struggling to go on with her life following a divorce. When she rides the train every day, Watson witnesses the seemingly happy life of a couple, Megan and Scott Hipwell. However, one day, Watson wakes up with no memory of the night before and sees news that Megan has gone missing, leading her to seek answers to what happened to Megan and what she herself was doing that night. “The Girl on the Train” stars Emily Blunt, known for her role as Kate Macer in “Sicario,” as Watson and is directed by Tate Taylor, who directed 2014’s “Get on Up.”

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

Release Date: Dec. 16

“Rogue One” is the first of three planned “Star Wars” spinoff films for the next few years. Rather than following Rey and Finn from “The Force Awakens,” “Rogue One” goes back in time and tells the story of how a group of rebels stole the plans to the Death Star that Princess Leia hides inside R2-D2 in “A New Hope.” Felicity Jones, known for her work in “The Theory of Everything,” stars as Jyn Erso, a defiant woman with a criminal background who is chosen to lead the mission to retrieve the Death Star plans. Given the popularity of “The Force Awakens” and the prequel trilogy’s lack of popularity, it will be interesting to see how this second attempt at a prequel story fares after the massive return to glory that “Star Wars” experienced last year.



Release Date: Sept. 6

“Atlanta” is an upcoming comedy show on FX written, produced by and starring rapper, writer and actor Donald Glover. According to FX, the show follows two cousins and their journey through Atlanta’s rap scene and the obstacles that are caused by their “opposing views on art versus commerce, success and race.” Glover will share the screen with Brian Tyree Henry, who appeared in “Boardwalk Empire,” and Lakeith Lee Stanfield, who is known for his work in “Short Term 12.” Donald Glover has won awards for his writing in “30 Rock,” acting in “Community” and songwriting under his stage name “Childish Gambino.” “Atlanta” will run for a 10-episode season on FX.

"Luke Cage"

Release Date: Sept. 30

First appearing as a reoccurring character in 2015’s “Jessica Jones,” Luke Cage is getting his own show on Netflix. “Luke Cage” is the third Marvel Netflix show leading up to the “Defenders” crossover show that will feature Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Luke Cage, played by University of South Carolina alumnus Mike Colter, is an ex-convict who uses his powers of super strength and unbreakable skin to fight crime in New York City. Both “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil” were met with positive reviews for their acting, character development and unique takes on superheroes. “Luke Cage” is based off the character in the Marvel Comics and, like “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” takes place in the same universe as the Marvel films.


"Final Fantasy XV"

Release Date: Sept. 30

“Final Fantasy XV” is a highly anticipated Japanese role-playing game from developer Square Enix. “Final Fantasy XV” makes many changes to the “Final Fantasy” formula, the most prominent of which is the game’s combat system. Traditionally the “Final Fantasy” series has always featured some variation of a turn-based combat system, but with this game, Square Enix has decided to go for more fast-paced, hack-and-slash style gameplay. The story of “Final Fantasy XV” follows Noctis, who is the prince of the kingdom of Lucis, and his three best friends, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. While traveling to wed his fiancée, Noctis receives word that his kingdom has been invaded and his fiancée and father murdered. It’s up to Noctis and his friends to fight off the invaders and take back the kingdom. A “Final Fantasy XV” film titled “Kingsglaive” releases digitally on Aug. 30.

"Battlefield 1"

Release Date: Oct. 21

“Battlefield 1” is the newest addition to the “Battlefield” series and is a first-person shooter game set in World War I. The “Battlefield” series is known for its large maps and expansive selection of weapons and vehicles, and “Battlefield 1” seems to be keeping this trend alive. “Battlefield 1” will feature World War I technology such as bomber planes, tanks and mustard gas that can be used to fight off enemies. The game will also have both a single-player campaign and online multiplayer where players can face off against their friends or strangers in a variety of game modes. The maps and locations of “Battlefield 1” take from many different areas of The Great War and, with stunning visuals, will hopefully offer an engaging glimpse of what it was like on the battlefield in the 1910s.


Against Me!  “Shape Shift With Me”

Release Date: Sept. 16

“Shape Shift With Me” is the seventh studio album by the punk rock band Against Me! from Gainesville, Florida. In 2014, Against Me! released “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” a powerful concept album that centers on the struggles of gender dysphoria that the band’s vocalist, Laura Jane Grace, faced as a transgender woman. Through several sound changes, Against Me! has consistently put pertinent emotional and political messages in their lyrics as well as a fast-paced and raw sound in their music. The album’s lead single, “333,” is currently available on iTunes, Google Play and other music services. Against Me! will be performing at The Fillmore in Charlotte on Oct. 8 and The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on Oct. 9.

Yellowcard  “Yellowcard”

Release Date: Sept. 30

Back in 2003, the pop-rock band Yellowcard burst into the mainstream music world with the release of “Ocean Avenue,” which had songs that featured in movies, MTV awards and every high schooler’s first car. Thirteen years later, Yellowcard is releasing their final album and performing their last tour as a band.

In a statement on their website the band said, “While it is with sadness that we say goodbye, it is with gratitude and amazement that we look back on a career we can be proud of, and were so very lucky to have had.”

The song “Rest In Peace” from the new album is currently out, and Yellowcard will be performing at The Fillmore in Charlotte on Nov. 17 and the Masquerade in Atlanta on Nov. 19 as part of their farewell tour.


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