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Crocs make an appearance on the runway during London Fashion Week

Scottish clothing designer Christopher Kane debuted his Spring/Summer 2017 line during London Fashion Week, but it was Kane’s choice of footwear for the collection that completely shocked audiences. A pair of Crocs accompanied each look.  These rubber clogs have been praised for both comfort and functionality, but historically they have never been regarded as fashionable footwear.

Commenting on Crocs as a fashion statement, Kane said "Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoe, and I love that they are slightly awkward and might be perceived by some as ‘ugly’. They have a very naïve and childlike shape, which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot.”  

Models wore earth-toned Crocs, some in solid colors and others with a subtle marble pattern.  All of the Crocs in the show were adorned with rough gemstones and rocks. These shoe charms, officially known as Jibbitz, add a distinctive flair to the traditional appearance of Crocs. 

“I wanted to bring my own stamp and DNA to Crocs’ classic clog and achieve something really special. The marble print feels very earthy and I often think of Crocs shoes in a very grounded way, worn with either an evening dress or with jeans, and adding the rock crystals brings a bit of luxury to this everyday style" said Kane.

According to Footwear News, these Crocs will be produced and available for purchase.

The title of Kane’s collection is Make Do and Mend. This is also the name of a pamphlet that was distributed by the British Ministry of Information during World War II. The pamphlet was directed towards housewives and offered suggestions on how to reuse old clothing and stay stylish during times of rationing. 

Kane incorporates this history into his line, with patchwork garments and clothing pieced together will small metal rings. The collection is also a modern reflection on his childhood in a small town in Scotland and a celebration on 10 years of participating in London Fashion Week.

Crocs have a child-like quality, and the primarily earth toned garments in the collection evoke nostalgic feelings and an give an intimate glimpse into Kane’s youth. Some highlights included repetition of bold animal prints and pleated metallic dresses.  Kane also referenced Catholicism through use of screen-printed iconography on some pieces. 

Although the Crocs have received mixed reviews from fashion editors, they have certainly made an impact in the fashion community. This bold move has generated conversation in the fashion community and has made Crocs culturally relevant once again.