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Fall fashion trends

<p>Style trends from the 90s are popular this fall.&nbsp;</p>
Style trends from the 90s are popular this fall. 

With Autumn quickly approaching, retail stores are already bringing out their jackets, jeans and fall styles. I’m no fashion guru, but I do work in retail, so it’s easy to see the trends in the “world of fashion.” Just as history repeats itself, so do fashion trends and styles. With that being said, here’s a list of the top five fashion trends to look out for this fall.

1. Corduroy

Corduroy is a ribbed, velvet-like textile that is soft and durable as a fabric. If you go back to the 1970s, corduroy was a trendy staple item. In many retail stores I’ve visited (including the store I work in), corduroy has made a major comeback. There are corduroy skirts, shorts and dresses, with the most popular corduroy item being jeans for both men and women. Many of the jeans I’ve seen come in colors such as brown, beige, army green, white and other neutral colors.

2. '90s brands

If you’ve stepped into any large retail store recently, I’m sure you may have seen the classic Calvin Klein logo. Classic '90s brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Fila have returned to modern fashion. You can find these logos on underwear, T-shirts, sweatpants and with classic styles of tennis shoes. This style is great for a quick and casual look while keeping that classic '90s vibe.

3. Baseball caps

Beanies can step aside because this fall, baseball hats are becoming a major trend. Baseball caps have never been much of a trend, as they are usually worn to cover up a bad hair day or to wear around casually. However, I’ve noticed a major increase in baseball caps as fall is approaching. Rather than baseball caps showcasing a sports team, etc. plain colored baseball caps are trending, such as denim caps, black, brown, army green or any other neutral colored cap.

4. Patches/Pins

A denim jacket with patches may seem a little out of date, but from what I’ve noticed, patched jeans, jackets and hats are becoming more and more popular. Instead of sewing on your own patches, patches are being sewn onto items and sold as is. Similarly, pins/broaches are becoming popular, with modern images or sayings. For example, I’ve seen pins of a heart, a pizza and an ocean wave.

5. Sweatpants

My personal favorite article of clothing to lounge around in, sweatpants, is slowly becoming a fashion trend and staple item this fall. Not exactly your typical “go to sleep” sweatpants, the sweatpants trending this fall have prints, are made from different fabrics and look like a dressier pant but have the same cozy feel.

While you’re updating your wardrobe this fall, be on the lookout for some of these trends. From what I’ve seen in retail, corduroy, '90s brands, baseball caps, patches/pins and sweatpants will be available in many retail stores and online. Be on the lookout, and if you like them, you can follow these fall trends yourself.