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UPDATED: Mold scares students out of Bates House

Ten students moved out of Bates House on Thursday after a mold outbreak, The State reports.

Testing in 67 rooms in the residence hall revealed high levels of spores, said USC spokesperson Wes Hickman. He also said the outbreak could be attributed to dust buildup.

The students who moved out are staying in nearby Cliff Apartments while their rooms undergo mold remediation. The nearly 50-year-old residence hall houses over 500 students.

Some of the residents are still uneasy about the issue.  Ngozi Chukwueke, one of the students removed from their rooms, expressed anxiety over returning to her room.

“I’m kind of worried, honestly," she said. "I really hope that they cleaned everything out properly and that there's no trace of black mold, because I don’t want to get sick again. A lot of people in our dorm have been getting sick.”

Chukwueke is temporarily living in the Honors Residence.