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Pantone announces trending colors for fall 2016

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What colors are in this season?” If you are not into fashion, it might not be something you hear regularly, but in the world of fashion, each new season is associated with new color schemes. According to Pantone, the color scheme of fall 2016 showcases “a unity of strength, confidence and complexity.”  Take a look at the speculated fall color scheme and be on the lookout for these colors when you’re updating your wardrobe.

1. Riverside

Although blue color schemes are not often associated with fall colors, this shade of blue is the first choice by Pantone in the fall 2016 color schemes list. This color is similar to a neutral color in the way that it can be easily matched with many other colors. It is a darker color as well, and works with a variety of fabric. The color’s rich tone creates a sense of elegance while remaining subtle.

2. Warm Taupe

As fall is primarily correlated with warm, neutral colors, taupe is a respectable choice for the fall 2016 color scheme. Taupe is a beige tone that is very interchangeable with different colors. The neutral aspect of this color makes it work well with any skin tone as well. Taupe is often associated with minimalistic looks and suggests an organic and mature disposition when worn.

3. Dusty Cedar

"Dusty Cedar" is a deep rose-pink color with slight brown undertones. This color is popular among other seasons in lighter tones; however, the deeper rose shade is associated more with fall color schemes. This color exudes femininity and warmth, and it can be paired with a multitude of colors­­­ — even bright yellow as seen at London Fashion Week. My favorite aspect of this color is that any article of clothing can have this color, and it has a unique sophistication about it. 

4. Spicy Mustard

Seen sprinkled throughout fall fashion last year, "Spicy Mustard" is making a comeback in fall 2016 color schemes. This color is a muted yellow, resembling the vibrant fall leaves. It goes great with brown leather and other neutral pieces, making it a staple color for outfits this fall. Although yellow is not a color that many wear often, this muted tone of yellow is much less striking than a bright, sunny yellow, making it a bit more casual and wearable.

5. Potter’s Clay

Potter’s Clay is an emerging seasonal color that is bound to be very prevalent in fashion this fall. The color is an earthy, deep orange — a rusty shade that one might see in nature. As another neutral color, "Potter’s Clay" pairs well with not only other neutrals, but also patterns and floral prints. This color might perhaps be the most seasonal, since it is very similar to oranges and browns seen in fall foliage associated with the season.

As we delve further into the fall season, new trends and color schemes are emerging in the stores we shop at and in the world of fashion. Sticking to more neutral and deeper tones, many of these colors pair well with others and make a statement in themselves. As you shop for a wardrobe this fall, try out some of these exclusive colors. 


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