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4 simple, last-minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is less than a week away, and soon pictures of people in their costumes will be popping up all over social media. As a student with a busy schedule, it can be hard trying to get a costume together in time for Halloween. If you're stuck scrambling for a costume idea this year, below are some unique Halloween costumes that are simple and easy to throw together. 

1. Tom & Jerry Halloween by Grace Batton

Throw it back to the classic cartoon of your childhood with a grown-up version of the beloved Tom & Jerry. These costumes are simple to make, yet the perfect costume for you and a friend to take Halloween by storm. Most of the materials it takes to make this dynamic duo of costumes are easily found at Walmart, or you may already have what you need in your closet. These costumes are cheap, easy, comical and comfy — which comes in handy when it’s cold at night. So whether you go by yourself as one of these characters or with a friend as your partner in crime, you’ll be life of the party.




-white construction paper

-cat/mouse ears

-face paint


Cut a large oval out of a long piece of white paper and clothespin the oval to the middle of the sweatshirt for Tom’s white belly. Add a pair of pink cat ears and white gloves; draw on some whiskers and a nose; and add a frying pan to bring to life Tom’s mischievous charisma. For Jerry, find a brown sweatshirt and pants and add a paper cut-out oval like you did for Tom’s costume. Whoever is wearing Jerry’s costume could also add a brown tutu for a little extra pizazz. Draw on Jerry’s nose and whiskers, but use pink paint for the nose and white for the whiskers to set him apart from Tom. Find a pair of brown and white ears for Jerry, or make your own with a headband and cut-out stiff brown and white paper.

2. Superhero/Super villain body paint by Micaela Wendell

With the coming invasion of politician costumes and Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad,” college students might be wondering how to stick out from the crowd on a small budget with little time left until Halloween. Try giving your costume a unique, flashy touch with some quality body paint. Good body and face paint can take almost any costume from mundane to magical.

The Hulk without his green skin would be just a bodybuilder with anger management issues. Darth Maul without his red and black tattoos is just an alien. The Joker wouldn't be The Joker if he didn't have his paper-white face and deep red smile.

Although generic tube, crayon or palette face paint can be found for cheap in any Halloween aisle, it can often apply unevenly, crack from sweat or even rub off early on in the night. Affordable, yet higher quality brands such as Snazaroo and Mehron will provide solid, saturated coverage without breaking the bank. These water-based compacts can be found online or bought at local costume stores such as Hip*Wa*Zee in Five Points.  

The key to great body paint is patience during application. After lightly wetting the paint, use wide, soft-bristled paintbrushes to cover the skin with a light layer of color. Rough bristles have the tendency to drag paint and cause streaks or holes during application, and thick layers can leave the paint more prone to cracking after it dries. Allow each layer to dry before applying another to create smooth, vibrant color across the skin.

Body or face paint can be set with baby powder or translucent makeup powder on a fluffy brush, and a light spritz of hairspray will provide an extra layer of protection to seal in the rest of the color. Setting and sealing the paint prevents the body art from smearing or literally painting the town red. Or green. Or blue. After all the Halloween fun, water-based body paint will melt off in a warm shower.

3. Deviled Egg by Jenna Schiferl

This is a great last minute DIY costume that is both easy and inexpensive to make. It is perfect for lovers of puns and wordplay enthusiasts. 


-White T-Shirt

-Yellow construction paper

-Devil themed accessories (horns, tail, pitchfork, cape, etc.)


Cut out an oval shape in yellow construction paper and adhere it to the white T-Shirt. Fabric glue will probably work best, but double sided tape or safety pins are both good alternatives. Secure the tail to your belt loop, and arrange the horns on your head. You can purchase a headband with the horns already attached, or individual horns that have a clip meant to secure them to your hair. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can make devil horns with a basic headband and red construction paper. Helpful hint: Devil themed accessories are available on Amazon for less than $10.  Make this idea a group ensemble by recruiting a few friends to join you as pancakes and bacon for a complete breakfast themed look.

4. Party Animal by Hailey Covell

Cats, dogs and other furry creatures are some of the most popular Halloween costumes every year. They may not be the most original costumes, but they are easy to throw together and don’t take many materials. If you want to add a little more originality to your typical “black cat” costume, dressing it up can add a unique touch — why not be a “party animal?”


-Dress wear: a suit and tie for men or a nice evening gown/long dress for women

-Face paint (optional)

-Animal mask (i.e. dog, cat, lion)

-Head wear: cat ears, lion mane, etc.


To put together the “party animal” costume, just slip on your nicest evening wear, whether it be a suit, evening gown or simple party dress along with some nice shoes. The goal is to look like you’re going to a nice party! Then comes the fun part. Pick an animal of your choosing and dress up your outfit with an animal mask, head wear and even a tail if you’re feeling it. Face paint can also be opted out for an animal mask. Add any final touches such as a handbag, jewelry, etc. and then you’re set! Go to your Halloween party and be the party animal out on the dance floor.

Not only are these ideas unique, but the materials can be bought at any retail store and they are super easy to throw together. Get crafty and try out one of these Halloween costumes this year.