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A guide to celebrating Galentine's Day

Photo from the episode "Galentine's Day"
Photo from the episode "Galentine's Day"

While February may be known as the month of love, not all of that love has to be romantic. On Feb. 13, some time should be reserved for appreciating your female friends on the unofficial holiday Galentine’s Day.

This term was coined in the popular comedy television show "Parks and Recreation" by Leslie Knope, the female protagonist. She dedicates an entire day to her friends by giving thoughtful gifts, taking them to brunch and showing them how much they mean to her. In her words, Galentine’s Day is for “ladies celebrating ladies.” Ever since the Galentine’s episode aired in 2010, Galentine’s Day has evolved to be a holiday celebrated by even those that don’t watch "Parks and Recreation."

For single and committed women alike, this day is a reminder that your girlfriends deserve just as much time and consideration as your significant other does. So this year, plan to set a little bit of time aside for your gal pals. Exchange gifts, organize some time together and make sure to spend lots of time telling your friends how great they are.

From personal experience, I know that some chocolate and a few compliments to boost my ego a bit certainly go a long way in helping me feel appreciated. Because let’s be real, what girl doesn’t want to eat chocolate and be reminded of how awesome she is right before Valentine’s Day?

But most importantly, Galentine’s Day is a great holiday to take part in because it helps remind us of how important girlfriends are. They are the ones who surround you and have your back when you need it most — like when you need someone to binge-watch "Parks and Recreation" with you. So, remember the wise words of Leslie Knope, “ovaries before brovaries,” when planning your Galentine’s Day this February.