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Columbia joins the black parade at Emo Night Columbia

New Brookland Tavern's Emo Prom Night was a collection of black clothes, somber faces and existentialistic music from the early 2000s. Classic emo music videos played on one wall, there was a photo booth for awkward prom pictures and the Prom King and Queen shared their first dance. There was even a proposal at the event — proving that you don't have to walk alone on the boulevard of broken dreams.

"I think what brings it all together is that we all kinda went through this phase. It's very 2005-2007." — Kelsey Teal

"It's really cool. You get to kind of delve back into your past a little bit." — Kelsey Teal 

"It just reminds me of back when I was in middle school." — Logan Lawson 

"It's not all just black eyeliner and black clothes. You can wear pink and still be emo." — Staci Scoggins 

"It's like being able to express yourself without being judged." — Staci Scoggins 

"Right now it's more like a trip down memory lane. It reminds me of highschool and how everything was just about us and nobody else mattered. It was just us. It's very nostalgic." — Jessica Grabski