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Harbison Theatre to host comedian Christopher Titus

Harbison Theatre in Irmo is hosting comedian Christopher Titus on Feb. 24. His new show “America...Really?” will be focused on American politics and ways of regaining a sense of unity amongst American citizens.

“It’s amazing that we started hating each other, you know, over a pantsuit-wearing, arrogant robot and an orange, delusional rodeo clown,” Titus said.

At first, Titus was criticized for doing a show on political topics due to a perceived lack of interest, but the exact opposite has occurred. He has received positive and negative reactions, but either way, people are listening and his thoughts are being discussed.

“We’ve elected the dumbest guy and if I don’t talk about it, I don't believe I'm doing my job as an American,” Titus said.

Titus argues that Americans are too busy disagreeing with one another instead of uniting under the idea that we all live in the same country. He believes Americans need to drop all of the labels and truly understand each other.

“I’ve done some politics in my other shows, and this one is really going after what we’ve become as a country,” Titus said.

While a lot of the show is focused on politics, the audience can expect to laugh about a little bit of everything.

Titus has known he wanted to be a comedian since he was five. Throughout his’ career, he has had his own TV show called "Titus," been on Comedy Central and has written seven comedy specials. Recently, his own production company filmed a movie that will premiere in 2017.

“I directed a movie this year and I think that so far, except for stand up, is my favorite thing,” Titus said.

The audience on Friday might even get to see a preview of the movie. Through a one-of-a-kind live comedy experience, Titus hopes to leave the audience laughing but also open a discussion about the country America is today and how the people of America can work together to change it.

“My job, every comic’s job, is to point out what’s going on, talk about it, crack jokes about it and let people laugh about it,” Titus said.