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Recap: Campus Movie Fest finale highlights student films

On Thursday evening hundreds of people gathered outside the Russell House ballroom for the finale of Campus Movie Fest, a national short film festival for college students. Campus Movie Fest provides students with all of the equipment that they need to create a short film in one week. A total of 56 students teams competed in the event at the University of South Carolina, and 63 films were submitted. A panel of anonymous students, faculty and staff members selected the best 16 movies to be screened at the finale. This panel also selected the four movies that received the Jury Awards. The Campus Movie Fest team selected the Silver Tripod Awards. These awards included categories for best performance, cinematography, editing and director. The genres of the films shown at the finale ranged from documentary-style, drama, thriller, comedy and a myriad of others. 

Jury Awards:

“The GVK Show” — GVK

“Safe” — Zack Spencer’s Crew

“The Godbrother” — 1080c Productions“Elton” — Stephen Simmons’ Crew

Silver Tripod Awards:

Best Performance: Ryan Hodge in “Webster” —Third Spur

Best Cinematography: “Safe” — Zack Spencer’s Crew

Best Editing: “Juncture” — Cocky Screenwriters

Best Director: Scott Varn, “The Godbrother” — 1080c Productions

The Jury Award winner films will be screened at a national competition. They are also entered in a competition to be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival in May.