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'Momentum' ticket sweeps executive positions, referendum passes in SG elections


Sitting Vice President Ross Lordo was elected the 109th student body president of the University of South Carolina late Tuesday. Lordo's running mate, current Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dani Goodreau, and Secretary of Alumni Relations Merritt Francis were also victorious.

A referendum to add a new executive position to Student Government, speaker of the Student Senate, also passed.

About 4,300 students voted in the executive elections, just above 13 percent of the student population. Lordo, who defeated Ty Dillard and Stone Davis, won by a preliminary margin of 69.18 percent.

"We're excited about the upcoming year and term," Lordo said, "and to start working our platform."

Although Francis was unopposed, he expressed similar relief.

"I'm still so happy for Ross and Dani and all the senators on our team that won as well," he said. "The work starts now and the fun starts now, too."

Goodreau summarized her emotions after defeating Jay Selesky with 60 percent of the vote as leaving her "speechless."

"It really was our team," she said.

Lordo expressed that his team is eager to get to work.

"It's important to set that standard and culture at the beginning of the term to carry us through the entire year," he said.

Crafting the role and requirements for the new speaker of the Student Senate position will also be on the new executive team's plate. The first election for the position will be held next academic year.

"It's one more position that can really lobby for [students]," Goodreau said.

The first victory for a ticket in Student Government added a historic flair to the "Momentum" team's sweep.

"I hope that this encourages people to think about [running a ticket] in the future," Lordo said.

The victors of Student Senate elections were also announced late Tuesday. With a record number of students running, most positions were filled. However, some write-in candidates were also successful. There will also be some run-off elections for Student Senate positions.

Outgoing President Michael Parks was confident in the student body's choices, recommending rest, prayer and an open mind for his successor.

"I was the 108th president, Ross will be the 109th," he said. "There's never been anyone as qualified, capable or ready to be the student body president than the man who was just elected.


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