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Zombie-killing Valentine's event opens in Columbia

A romantic dinner, flowers and chocolate might satisfy a typical couple, but if you’re more of the daring type, you might consider taking your date to The Dark Knight's Terror Trail’s “Zombie Valentine Day.” Located 30 minutes from Columbia, couples will experience what it’s like to be in a world of the walking dead.

Couples can expect to spend two hours defending themselves against zombies in order to complete a scavenger hunt. The vision of the hunt is a carnival setting where the zombies have been affected with chemical waste. Throughout the hunt, couples will use either nerf axes or paintball guns to fight against the zombies. Pro tip: When you leave the room, the zombies will regenerate. Along the hunt, couples will run into live people, known as Game Changers, who will either help or hinder their quest. If the couple survives the scavenger hunt without being bit by the zombies, they will have successfully completed the challenge.

Elizabeth Stepp, daughter of the owners of The Dark Knight's Terror Trails, is confident this year couples will have a unique experience.

“Now that we’ve done a few of them, I think this year is going to be really amazing," Stepp said. "[We’ve been] really inventive with some of the things we’re doing.”

Stepp encourages everyone to attend the hunt, whether a romantic couple or two best friends that don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day. She sees the zombie hunt as an opportunity to enjoy spending time with a special someone while challenging each other throughout the adventure.

“That’s what it’s about — having fun with your partner and bonding together,” Stepp said.

Their ultimate goal is for couples to enjoy their time and to give couples the best experience they can throughout the Zombie Valentine hunt.

Couples who are brave enough to spend their evening fighting zombies will need to purchase tickets in advance. The Saturday event is completely booked, but tickets are still available for Sunday night and Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. Tickets are $50 per couple and can be purchased through The Dark Knights Terror Trail’s website,