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Spring break plans? Make that a yes

The clock is ticking until the metaphorical college school bell rings on Friday and the waves of students drive off to their favorite sun-filled vacation spot or foreign travel destination. Where will you be March 4? If you don't have an answer yet, here are some options for you.

Good ol’ Myrtle

While some may deem the city “Dirty Myrtle,” that's not entirely accurate. As a popular vacation destination just three hours away, surf and sand be just the right place for the weary college student soul to relax and take in some Southern hospitality from Mother Nature. Relatively inexpensive lodging can be found on Airbnb, especially if you're traveling with a friend or two. Just imagine: You could have a whole week to work on being the laziest possible version of yourself, and it's completely socially acceptable. Or if being a beach bum isn’t your idea of fun, visit the classic Broadway at the Beach, shop at the Tanger Outlets, play mini golf or see a show like Medieval Times or The Carolina Opry.

The mountains are calling, and you can go

If beach life isn't for you, make your way to the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy beautiful views and cooler weather. Don't worry about staying pasty though because the higher elevation puts you a few thousand feet up on the tan-potential scale. Boone, North Carolina is an ideal mountain vacay spot because Appalachian State University brings a college-town vibe, but without too much foot traffic on hiking trails because students there don't have their spring break until the 11th.

Greenville, South Carolina

A fun city life option is a trip to Greenville, South Carolina to enjoy the lively spirit of a modern town that caters to those with a heart for the arts. Enjoy beautiful Falls Park, decorated with modern art sculptures and located right downtown or relax at charming coffee shops like Spill the Beans or Coffee Underground. If you want to go for a luxury experience an option would be to split a room with some friends at the Hyatt hotel downtown—its modern feel and upscale decor is irresistible. For entertainment, you can't go wrong in Greenville. Visit the Comedy Zone for a good laugh or head over to Blind Horse Saloon for a fun night out dancing. Whatever you do, don't forget to explore all the unique local shops in the downtown area and take in the crisp air and refreshing views.


Make it a staycation! Ok, hear me out. How many things have you wanted to do in Cola on the weekend but never had time for? Soda City Market, the Columbia Museum of Art or a concert at Music Farm are all options for your free time in our bustling city. What's better, anywhere you go will likely be less crowded so you won't have to deal with the busyness typical of popular venues. Try out a local restaurant like the new popular breakfast and brunch spot Cinnamon Roll Deli, go for a hike at Sesquicentennial State Park or enjoy a good workout at Strom with the place mostly to yourself. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of saving money and time because you won’t have to drive far away or pay often expensive hotel rates.

All in all though, it doesn’t truly matter where you are for your spring break, how much you spend to get there or how many pictures of you getting tan you post. It’s about the memories you make while there. Next week, go on an adventure, try something new, do what makes you smile and check off that bucket list item. Take it from a senior who’s about to embark on her last school break ever — you want to make every moment count.