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Advice to incoming freshmen from A&C staff

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We've all been there. Starting your first year of college means lots of move-in day jitters, awkward roommate encounters and plenty of getting lost. The Arts & Culture staff has compiled a few pieces of advice to help incoming freshman not make the same mistakes that we did.  

What would you tell your freshman self?   

"You don't have to monogram everything." 

"Get the lowest possible meal plan because it will be more than enough. You can only eat so many Einsteins bagels." 

"Don't be the person who sets off the fire alarm at 3 a.m. for burning quinoa." 

"Seriously, it's not that big of a deal." 

"Just because Cookout is nearby doesn't mean you need it." 

"C's get degrees." 

"Just break up with him." 

"If it's free, get it." 

"Please try and make it into the game." 

"Try to eat more than just Chick-Fil-A once in a while." 

" I know Strom is far away, so find other means of working out." 

"FYI: Vapes set off the fire alarms, too." 

"The weekend begins on Friday, not Thursday." 

"Be yourself. You can't please everyone, so just chill."