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Best places to study on campus

Now that classes are about to start, it is time for incoming and returning students to establish their study habits for this upcoming year. USC is a big campus with many places to set up camp for spontaneous or planned study sessions, but where are the best spots to get the quiet, uninterrupted and purposeful studying every student craves?

First floor of Thomas Cooper Library

Though it might be misleading, the main floor of Thomas Cooper Library is not the first floor. There are five stories below the ground. The lowest floor is the perfect location for students who desire complete silence with limited to no distractions. The smell of aging books and wooden shelves is cathartic as you manage your to-do list and studies.


Gambrell Hall is next to the Pickens Street bridge with the Capstone Building in its horizon. Though this gray building tends to blend in with its surroundings, it contains two choice study locations that would benefit every student. The basement of Gambrell is typically quiet and has direct access to a collection of computers for research and a cheap printing service you can pay for with Carolina Cash. If you need a break from the books, there are a couple of unique chess sets you and your study buddy can use thanks to the in-house 3-D printer. 

Need some fresh air? Head to the top floor. To your left is a large outdoor patio with scattered iron tables and chairs. Be sure to bring a hat for those hot, sunny days. It is not uncommon to get a sunburn out there while you’re engrossed in your studies.

Colloquium Café

Colloquium Café is a stone’s throw from Gambrell. Though it is less quiet than the aforementioned locations, its seating on the second floor overlooking the incoming lunch traffic makes for a nice place to take a step back from academic reality. Another perk of the café is the close proximity to delicious food. Whether you are wanting a breakfast bagel or a Caesar salad, Colloquium has it all for those mid-study cravings.

Cool Beans

This coffee shop is not necessarily on campus, but it might as well be. Perched right across from the historic Horseshoe, Cool Beans is a quirky establishment with some of the best coffee if Starbucks just isn’t your thing (or in your price range). Cool Beans has the right snacks and caffeinated beverages to get you through mid-day slumps. Partnered with the comfy, eclectic furniture, the local art decor gives the building a homey feel.

Keep these places in mind as you hit the books during the 2017-18 school year.


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