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EYES OPEN brings award-winning musicals to Trustus

Trustus Theater will launch a new season of productions in September, all tied by a common theme: “EYES OPEN.” The shows in Season 33 range in content from comedies to more serious, political-driven shows, but all will fall under the umbrella of this common theme. EYES OPEN will reflect the values of Trustus Theater, including diversity and social justice.  

“With open eyes we can embrace a new way of seeing ourselves, others, and the world,” the Trustus Theater website says. 

It explains that Season 33 is about being observant of what is around us and seeing things one might typically overlook. The season’s theme also refers to the idea of Trustus Theater looking forward in terms of the organization itself. As the staff grows, Trustus intends to expand their scope of interaction with the community while continuing to bring relevant shows to the theater.  

"Barbecue" is the opening show of the season. It is a comedy centered around a family with complicated dynamics that explores the ideas of race and stereotypes. Another comedy coming this fall is "Evil Dead, The Musical," which tells a slightly horrific (though humorous) story of five college kids in the woods who unintentionally turn themselves into demons. Other musicals to look forward to include "Sunset Baby" in winter and "The Restorations Constance" next spring.  

The season will wrap up in the summer with "HIR" in June and "Memphis" in July. "HIR" tackles issues surrounding gender roles, familial conflicts and mental health. "Memphis," on the other hand, is a 2010 Tony Award winner for Best Musical that takes place during the racially tense times of the 1950s.  

Season 33’s Company Season Briefing says that winter will bring an original Christmas show created by Trustus Theater’s sketch comedy and improv troupe, THE MOTHERS. Another notable winter production is A Bright Room Called Day written by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner — a show set in Nazi Germany that also connects to modern-day politics.  

As far as admissions go, students can acquire a Flex Pass for $160. This is includes 8 tickets to be used at the student’s will. “I Pay What I Can” nights take place on the first Sunday for every non-musical production shown the Main Stage. Student reservations also have reduced prices. 

Additionally, THE MOTHERS, who have have their own show schedule, sell student tickets for $5. Trustus Theater values the art of storytelling, and hopes to share stories this year “that open our minds, open our hearts, and open our eyes.” A full list of Season 33 Trustus Shows can be found on their website.