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New drive-in movie theater opens in South Carolina

A new drive-in movie theater opened in Bowman, South Carolina, called Movies Rock!, as a partnership between Yonder Field and Highway 21 Drive-In.

Yonder Field is a versatile concert, festival and event space that is set to officially open next week with the Solar Eclipse Festival. In conjunction with a festival experience, Yonder Field also allows guests to tailgate before the event or camp out after the show.

Movies Rock! will screen "Wonder Woman" on Aug. 18 and 19, and the venue will announce upcoming movies on its website and Facebook page.

The theater will start with one screen, but will expand to three films on three separate screens stationed on the 200-acre lot in September.

“We thought it would be a great way to utilize Yonder Field beyond the season and everyone loves the Drive-In, right?" Yonder Field spokeswoman Lauri Fultz said. "It's great to be in the open air and our beautiful landscape will serve as an incredible backdrop for a full night of fun."

Fultz mentioned that while the drive-in does not currently allow overnight campers, it is a possibility in the future.  However, the theater does include a live music performance from local bands 90 minutes before each screening, as well as lawn games, traditional movie concessions and a food truck village.

The Yonder Field drive-in is one of only three permanent drive-in theaters in the state.

“There are very few areas that are fortunate enough to have drive-ins. We are so excited to be able to offer this to everyone in the area,” Fultz said.